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[Game] Word Candy

Word CandyDo you like brain games or puzzle games?

Just come and play Word Candy. Find the right letters into many different words.

Word Candy Features
Fun to get new words by combining letters
Thousands of levels waiting for you!
Free undo and hints!
Different game modes and varying objectives keep each level sweet and fresh!
Leaderboards to compare best times with friends!
Classical and Cool but so Simple word puzzle game.

Exercise your brain and test your eyesight.

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Word Candy user reviews :

so far it seems ok. there are ads but you can easily hit back triangle on phone to get back to game. i wish the game would stop asking for rating when i have only started. not to difficult so far, but I’ve just started. for a free game, it is better than wordscapes…which i also rated. you expect the free game to have all issues but No in-purchase apps and can easily get rid of ads on word candy this is way better and it’s FREE!!!

I still love this game. I only wish it had more levels. Been playing since 2018. Once I finish the last level I have to uninstall and then go back and install again to start over. Ads will show after 4 to 5 games but are short. There are ads at bottom but don’t interfere with games.

it’s a 5 star for fun but i have one complaint which doesn’t change the rating. Please, if possible, use just ONE color for the letters. the multi colors are VERY distracting and are not needed in any way ! Thanks for the fun word game, though!

I enjoy games like this one. I understand that you have to have ads because you have no in app purchases, but I would like it better if we could get hints at least after each one you play instead of having to to go watch an ad for each letter you need. It just would be great to be rewarded more!!

The Graphics are really amazing, great job on that. I wish you could allow for an adult to pick a more advanced level instead of 8 levels to pass before any difficulty picks up. I recommend this game !

Awesome game ! I love that the ads are limited, unlike most games where there are constant interuptions. I like that the hints are only 5 points…Keep up the great apps ! The ony downside to this game is it forces you to use your hint points. I will spell a word that is not accepted until I use my hint , then it will accept the word…not fair game !

I’ve been playing this game as well as all Big Cat Studio games for awhile and I absolutely love them. The colors are bright and the games go from easy to medium to harder. They don’t take much space on your phone and you can play them offline. A big Thank You to the makers of this game.

Really fun to pass time … it’s funny how easy you forget about simple words you don’t use on a daily basis or like in forever … this game will surely remind you … it’s really good for kids to play keeping them up on spelling, phonics, letter blends etc. It would really be great for educational purposes.

Difficult to keep letters in play. If you pass over one, an earlier play gets dropped. Is fun to find words, but frustrating when you keep having to go back.

It would be nice if there was a way to check out statistics/progress as we go, unless I missed something I don’t see a way to find this info but I do like the game, it’s challenging and addictive.

I just got another new phone and every time I do, I can transfer all my apps using Smart Switch, but I have to start ALL OVER with the games. Frustrating and boring to have to go back to the beginning.

Words are repeated on higher levels sometimes, but not a problem. I also wish that the collars were brighter and more like candy. But great game overall

lots of hint beans available. not all possible words in a given set are usable, but the simplicity and gradual difficulty has been brilliant as an app to hrlp my son with his spelling.

This is a very good game I really appreciate it and I am loving this game it has a lot of to do this may be the best word app ,but I just hate a thing is that it says after every 2 levels that plz rate our game if yes so plz give us 5 stats but I gave them 4 because of this and 1 -2 other silly mistakes and it also give us very simple levels and it is a very good game ……………………………… I ‘am loving it and I will try my best in it

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