World Of Steel – Blow away all enemies in your sights

[Game] World Of Steel – Tank Force

World Of Steel  Get ready for Tank Battles!

Jump into your tank,roll into the battle fields,fire blow away all enemies in your sights!

World Of Steel : Tank Force takes high-energy tank combat with simple controls,deep strategy,cutting edge graphics,and makes it highly accessible to anyone with a desire to blow things up.

There are so many tank games,so why people will try new tank games?
There are two key points:
1.New Generation system brings much more strategy to tank shooting games.
2.New Generation graphics on your little mobile devices.

About graphics:
Physic based shader that are usually used on ps4/xbox one.
Fully dynamic daylight lighting & shadows.
Advanced Sky Lighting.
Dynamic Globe illumination.

About gameplay:
In this game,you should never fire and fire like other brainless tank games.
You need to calculate your enemies’s next move ,fire to the enemies’s weakest part armor and wait for reloading.
If your calculate is right,your next move will be much easier.
Because when you done your reloading,you could do real damage to your enemies through the broken armor you have broken in last shot.
And,you should already put your hardest armor to the enemies.
Who knows how many shots were needed to broken your armors?
The enemies were already dead.
Much more strategy in this game,right?


Calculate your enemies’s move,find and fire at the weak point!
Highend pc & console quality graphics on mobile devices!
Varied and powerful tanks and vehicles based on real history!
Fight with warships in boss mode!
Beautiful environments!
Easy to learn hard to master!
Fully physics based game experience!
Online game data restore,play on any devices with same progress!

Road Map:
More tanks!(Panzer-4,Panther and T34-85 will coming soon)
More environments!(desert and snow mountains scenes are on our plan)
More upgradeable system!
More rewards!

Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

World Of Steel user reviews :

I love ww2 tanks you guys could add more models and maybe make the controls better cuz they feel a bit weird. Overall I like it

It’s a good game but I would like an update. And the aim system needs to be fixed. Hard to kill enemies around corners or next to buildings cuz the camera bugs out and then I end up fighting against the camera. Try to make the aiming in the tank rather than on top. And maybe some new bosses and smarter ally AI. They kind of sit or dont help me. Other than that great job. But please update. This game can go far.

Great game… however, I am at a loss as to why I can’t return to the original game I was playing before my phone broke! I purchased another phone and was looking forward to resuming my game where I had left it. I was at level 15 and injected over $100.00 to enhance my experience. Unfortunately, I have contacted the site twice at the direction of the info provided. Two weeks no response. I am disappointed with lack of communication as a paying customer. Will not play or pay ever again until.

I love the reality of the expierance. Graphics superb. the rounds bouncing off the hull. Its cool. main 2 issues is one once the game has been uninstalled for whatever reason if u pull it back up all the frustrating hours and $$$ u spent is as nothing. Some games will recall especially” play games” all ur hard work is recorded but ur gonna start at the begining anyway . i personally spent 40$ 50$ but here i am usiing that stupid 1st tank.

This game is great it has good graphics its a fun game. I like destroying the other tanks im so happy that it has survival mode so i can practice how good i am and online mode so i can play with other players and the world boss its pretty hard but i can still win the people who made this game is great at making games keep on doing what you’re good at oh! .And one thing left for me to say I’ve always wanted to become s soldier and this game makes me confident to be a soldier

Nice game, needs some updates though. Things like more ammo types, and better controls, more map types. Other than that , really good game.

Its a good game but it does need some improvements like the control and a few more secondary guns like machine guns different types of shell that you can select overall a good game if you do this I’ll give five stars and check if there’s any bugs please fix it

Please make it so the aim follows the target. It’s a pain having to keep the aim on the target, move the tank and shoot and the same time..

Latest Update :

Build with new SDK.

Contact developer :


Video :

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