Ronin – Survive to the end

[Game] Ronin – The Last Samurai

Ronin  I’ll cut down anyone who stands in my way. Even the great mountain!

Elegantly portrayed in an ink-and-wash painting style, play as the last samurai of a war-ravaged era in which he lost the lord he served. In order to avenge the lord’s death, you must level up, unlock new abilities, collect various equipment, and constantly strive to become stronger. Do not forget: The path of revenge is very perilous and painful, and when you die, the only way is to start from the beginning. Only a true samurai who understands the way of the sword by cutting down countless enemies will survive to the end and finally leave his name in history!

Caution! Ronin: The Last Samurai is free to download and play, but some in-game items can be purchased with real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please block in-app purchases in device settings. Additionally, in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 15 years old to play the game and an internet connection is required.

Game Features

Winning a battle is rather simple. Either attack or defend.
By pressing the Block or Attack button, you can parry the enemy’s attack or perform a Counter Flash right before the enemy attack lands. Don’t forget that life and death depends on this split second decision!
“Concentration”, “Time Distortion”, “Annihilation” – Gain the upper hand in battle by actively utilizing different Skills of each weapon.
Stay headstrong by defeating various kinds of enemies that stand in your way on a beautifully rendered battlefield. If you can’t figure out the enemy’s pattern, death is inevitable!
Strong enemies that appear in every chapter have a unique combat pattern and should never be underestimated. By defeating strong enemies, you can earn special loot to further upgrade your key abilities.
Unlock new abilities through training, collect and upgrade a variety of equipment to constantly grow stronger.
Pet friends with special abilities will be your only reliable companions in lonely battles.

App Permissions Guide
When playing the game, we request app permissions to provide the following services. If you do not allow mandatory app permissions, you will not be able to play the game.

Mandatory app permissions
Photo/Media/File: Required to store game files and data. Rest assured that we do not access any of your photos and files.

How to deny app permissions
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Apps> Select App Permission> App Permissions List> Select Deny app permission.
Android 6.0 or lower: Upgrade the operating system to deny app permissions or delete apps

Customer Support
Please contact us through the Settings> Customer Support button or send an e-mail to the address below.


Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

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Ronin user reviews :

Great game with a mediocre drop rate at best. Some levels are way too difficult so I spend a “LOT” of time with auto battles just to try to level up as it seems that it is the faster way to get strong enough to get anywhere in the game. I’d rather play normally but unfortunately, it seems that it’s just quicker this way. Again, the drop rates are poor but I still enjoy the game enough to play more often than just occasionally. I recommend it if somebody is willing to have enough time to invest.

This game deserves a praise ! Art is amazing : graphics, sounds and music create a really great atmosphere. Gameplay is simple, but super fun, the challenge is real, you’ll have to know your opponents, their timing and weaknesses, to defeat them properly. It never feels too easy, and it’s extremely satisfying !! It’s a rogue like game, with character customization, which is a big plus for me. Idea : I would love to have some finish moves, that would be the cherry blossom on the cake

The game is a lot of fun, beautiful, and runs smoothly. Has an energy bar but I am fine with that mechanic. The one thing that is kinda glaring right now is gear drop rate: it is abysmal. Obviously the game is just starting out and there should be more systems coming in place soon but right now the grind is not very rewarding. I have not hit a gear ceiling yet but I am fearful it is coming.

It’s a gorgeous game with excellent and fluid gameplay. It’s easy to pick up and play, yet deep enough that I don’t get bored. It’s a perfectly flawless game. I give it 5 of 5 on it’s graphics, art design and most importantly of all, you’re absolutely magnificent sounding design. I would like to see some blood and Maybe the ability to sever a limb? I would like a create a character feature. So, I can change the character’s gender and skin color and a PVP mode would be awesome.
  • Dreamotion Inc.
  • Greetings, Wanderer! Thank you for your review and comment! We will let our development team know about your opinion, and try our best to provide entertaining experience to every users. Please keep supporting us with your love!

Latest Update :

“Arena of Carnage” reorganization
“Ranking” UI reorganization
Fixed Minor Bugs
Please check “Inbox” for details

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