Zombie Virus – Defend yourself and your teammates

[App] Zombie Virus – K-Zombie

Zombie Virus  Fight off blood-thirsty zombies and survive in a city destroyed by the zombie virus!

Kill zombies after apocalypse. Defend yourself and your teammates from the walking dead using realistic weapons, explosive firearms and advanced gear. Use special skills to clear each stage of nemesis and kill strong boss zombies. Dozens of classic weapons to choose from – find the one to match your fierce mood today and shoot down zombies! Destroy the dangerous zombie virus!

Zombie Virus is addictive hunting and sniper game in zombie theme offline games. Also, Free Fire, you will get into it right away!


Graphic: Realistic 3D zombies and cool shooting
True Real K-Zombie Game
Limitless Stages: Various types of zombies and giant boss zombie appear in each stage
Weapon Collection: many classic guns are waiting for you to unlock, merge and upgrade.

Zombie Stage mode, zombie defense mode, PVP mode, boss mode and many more
Target the dead, pull trigger toward zombies, rescue people and your team
Offline zombie shooting game
Device: perfect optimized even for slow devices, offline game mode available
Languages supported: EN/CN/FR/PT/ES/DE/IDIT/RU/TH/TR/VN/KR

Just now! Download offline Zombie Virus Game for free! Fight the zombie

Access Information
Following access is required for stable gameplay: READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

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Zombie Virus user reviews :

I know there is alot of zombie shooter games out there that sux, but this one isn’t one of them. I’ve downloaded and then uninstalled so many for different issues that it’s pathetic. My opinion it’s right alongside zombie frontier, dead target, zombie hunter, and that should say alot. Haven’t hit a pay wall yet, good graphics, good controls, and so far free player friendly. Thanks dev’s, nice game and it is unique in the upgrading sense. Good Job!

Starts off playing well. Controls are good. Graphics are okay. Two things that I don’t care for, 1.) It still doesn’t credit the player with all of the head shots. 2.) There aren’t enough times to earn crystals for to obtain expendable items. Fix these and I’ll give a better rateing.

This game is good and fun. But it needs more improvements. Improve the animations, when i don’t move the aim my character hands is not moving it’s like a statue it has no animations. Improve the guns animations like bullet shells, some parts of gun that moving while firing. Always improve the graphics and gameplay. And make more new mechanics for missions so it wont get boring and repetitive. And more story. That’s my suggestion. Overall great game Devs.

Not a bad game. Pretty standard zombie shooter. Decent amount of weapons. Only complaint is that guns don’t have realistic ammo counts. For example the KSG 12 holds 7 rounds in the game, but holds 12 in real life. Also, could you add hand guns and SMGs/ PDWs. Keep up the good work.

So far it’s a good concept and interesting game. Just needs work on graphics and smoothness of gameplay. Characters need to look more realistic. Jumpers look more like they are floating/flying then jumping. Gas cans and red barrels don’t explode when shot. Etc… Have better environment interactions would be nice.

For just launching, I think the game is really well put together. I’m having a blast playing. Absolutely hate the crawling zombies once you get to Stage3 cause I forget to look down lol. Love the fat ones that give off that green gas when they explode, they remind me of Boomer from Left4Dead. The game gives opportunities through ads to win items, the ads don’t bother me cause I can let them roll while doing homework. I’m excited for future plans! Good game devs! (:

Very fun and easy to start and stop. Pvp is interesting since it is sorta like chasing zombie over to your opponent. No money needed if you don’t mind running lots of ads… Lots…

Having alot off fun in this reminds me off an old school retro arcade game keep it up devs :) I’ve just ran into a bug where when I gain point on weapon summon to level 8 I lose 20 points and go back to weapon summon level 7. Hope yous can fix this

Works amazing, no lag, connectivity issues, the optimisation is amazing, very simple to play. I wish I could move and shoot but is fine as it is. The pvp is unexpected the way you fight. I’ll let you discover it. The weapon drops are quite good, i often saw epic, legendary shard drops so there are good chances to get powerful items in time without paying a dime but who knows?! There are plenty of offers to take your money also. So far i dont feel the need to use money, hope they keep it that way

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