Every Hero – Time for some super combat beat them up actions

[Game] Every Hero – Ultimate Action

Every Hero  Do you want Fast simple action game? Beating up tons of enemies? Perfect dodging powerful boss attacks? This game is here for you!

Time for some super combat beat them up actions! This game is all about fast paced hack and slash actions! Use powerful abilities to make combos! Defeat evil enemies and bosses for a big WIN!


Easy to control, hard to master! Tap to attack, swipe to perfect dodge. Beat them up to the sky!
Super epic boss fights: dragons, titans, mages, demons. Your skills will be tested.
Your adventure takes place in: arena, ruins, deserts, volcano, glacier and more actions!
You will get all kinds of power-ups, ultimates, loots, chests. Level up to become stronger!
Rogue-like levels to play over and over again. The game is different every time.
Special seasonal game modes and events. This action game never gets boring.
Over 100 different unique abilities and heroes, smash 100+ different enemies with your own hero style!

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If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to talk to us anytime at: support[at]feelinggamecompany.com

Every Hero user reviews :

good game but i think you should add more features such as Changing Enemy Target through pressing the enemy you want to target. Weaker Skills you can obtain and press, that don’t take a long time like ultimate, since right now its just hit and run. Obstacles in the map such as water, wood logs to hide behind, etc, right now its just a plain field.

I love the game, it’s well made, fun, and watching ads is optional, not just thrown in your face right after a mission. However, my biggest issue is that when you do choose to watch the ads they only reward you the 2nd time you watch an ad. It happens EVERY time. I’ve also noticed that I had 2500 emeralds and bought the 10x Chest and the game took 20 emeralds away from me so I had to gain more. Same thing with the energy bars and missions. If these were fixed then I’d give it 5 Stars.
  • Feeling Game Company
  • Hello, we’re deeply sorry about your unpleasant experience. About the ads and other issues, could you please contact us at support[at]feelinggamecompany.com or in our Discord server  discord.gg/Pq7TbGbweY and we will look further into them, thank you

It’s a fun game. My only suggestion would be to allow you to switch targets. The game turns into a waiting game in higher levels cause while you wittle down a high health enemy, other weaker enemies with annoying skills that take forever spam making you have to wait for the attack to be done. Example this worm that spits a water ball that turns into a cyclone, or these water type enemies that shoot these slow green blast that follow you for like 20 seconds.

Addictive gameplay. I would love some polish on the graphics snd the UI, but overall really fun! There are some serious issues like ads don’t register and have to play them twice, or getting stunned without warning from bosses for like 3 seconds and getting wrecked. Fix those and I will give it 5 stars.
  • Feeling Game Company
  • Thank you for your updated comments! This greatly helps us understand how to better improve the game. As for the issue with ads or boss stuns, we’d welcome to hear more details at support[at]feelinggamecompany.com or in our Discord server  discord.gg/Pq7TbGbweY

Great game but needs improvements like graphics, an anime style graphics would be better. This also needs a story and players should able to chose which path to take. Players shouldnt randomly acquire a skill and should be obtained after an enemy uses it to players. The upward slide to the screen should be a jump and a mid-air fights should happen, a different platforms should make the game interesting. The treasure hunt mini-game is kinda boring and should be like a temple run-like game.

Been waiting for such game for a long time! It’s new so there bound to be bugs in the game eg sometimes Enemy melee attacks has no hints, wrong color hint Sadly the weapons are very Unbalance esp the Slow weapons like Sickle, there’s not much merits in using one when the Attack stats is not huge and the Instant death to mobs at 15% hp n below is not game changer, the effects come slow to Also cant seem to switch account, different acct but same data

Game is very cool. Not any other like it. Very easy controls. The reason for 3 stars is after awhile the game starts to ignore your controls. Like the devs dont want you beat levels so easy, they are trying to get you to spend. Was fun for a couple weeks, now its going in the gutter.

Latest Update :

A new hero has arrived!
Dance with Pinny in a new secret mini game!
New hero costumes are now available!
New arena season and rewards!
New seasonal global ranking rewards!
New main chapter unlocked
And more!

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Video :

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