Armor Age – Take command of a squad of war machines

[Game] Armor Age : Tank Wars — WW2 Platoon Battle Tactics

Armor Age Armor Age is a tactical RTS set in the world of 20th century tank battles.

Take command of a squad of war machines and lead it through a whole row of battle operations!
Fight in campaign and survival modes. Level up your tanks and their crews and get blueprints for new technologies.

Choose up to five tanks for your squad from a large number of real-world combat vehicles, each having its own role on the battlefield!

Your personal hangar can fit a squad suitable for any tactical and playing style. Challenge other players to PvP battles to try out your tactical ideas and shine as a commander.

Realistic and straightforward controls
Historically accurate combat vehicles from various countries
A variety of tactical situations and missions


Armor Age user reviews :

Gentlemen, I have spent almost 3 years enjoying this game. I could play at the pace I wanted in the style of play that I wanted. I had acquired virtually all of the available tanks (except for the very top tier) and leveled most of those to their highest levels. Three weeks ago you did an upgrade that radically changed the game. Most of my tanks seem to have disappeared or been stripped from me. I no longer seem to have my assault squads and I don’t understand the game play procedures. Explain?
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Hello, Thomas! Thanks for playing with us! Could you please contact us at support[at] and specify your nickname and describe the situation in more detail? We will help you!
A lot of fun to play, wish there was easier ways to earn gold in game. Other than that, this game is a bit hard to level up at the start. Also not a lot to start with and the campaign throws really hard units at you and you can barely manage beating the missions on normal difficulty.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Many thanks for your feedback, Chris! We’ll take it into account.
Monotonous and Riddled with “beyblade” cheaters (tanks that reflect all shots by mimicking a spinning top) in PVP when clearly losing a match. Ok to pass some time in PVE. Monotony would not be an issue if progression was not at the pace of organic evolution. If you have $ to blow on virtual steel, they are waiting for you. An RC is a little more real and far more entertaining for what you would spend to be anywhere near competative (I use this term extremely loosely here).
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Hi, Wilson! Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at support[at] Thank you so much for sharing your game experience with us!
Awesome strategy for mobile, it it’s great. You’ll have lots of fun. At least the progression is fair but it is nuts. Great strategy. The only think I did not like if that they remove viewing ads to get your tanks fixed for pvp. That was nice and incentive to all new players like me. Se who do not have cool tanks we benefit of this multiple times to earn experience in battle, and I don’t mean for our tanks. Please have it back. My games on pvp went from 8 to one maybe. Please!
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Thank you kindly for the comment!
Great game, even though it’s a bit of a grind or P2W. However, this game desperately needs an AI update. The tanks HAVE to stop driving ass first. That’s just silly. Also, update the recommendations for the missions. No way my squad of 5 green tanks should fail a lvl 18 mission when they are 25+. Clearly it’s harder than what’s indicated.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • We are sorry for the issue. Please provide more details to about the bug: specify the name of the mission and what problem you face during the mission that doesn’t let you win. The information is very important for fixing the bug. We’ll investigate it.
Is it possible to turn camera around aswell? And it would be helpful if i see green dot on the ground, when i tap there, where i want my tanks moving. This game made me maaaaaaaad. I tell u
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Thank you for the suggestions. We appreciate your opinion and will bear it in mind for future development.

Can you add debuffs? Like damaged/disabled tracks? Or downed gunner/turret? Anyways, iverall great mobile game!

Love it
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Many thanks for the comment!
Issues in new update. Upgraded tanks gone. Means all are in lower level. For example : My AMX M4 was fully upgraded but after updates it was level 1 and I can’t upgrade it. All features were decrease.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Sapan, please contact us at support[at], specify your in-game nickname and describe the problem with the tanks in more details. What types of tanks were decreased in the levels? What happens when you are trying to upgrade those tanks? The information is very important for fixing the bug. Thank you in advance for your help.
Everything is OK for now. Just that somehow the game couldn’t be loaded up in full screen mode on my weekend phone. Some part of the right side is displayed out of the frame, is it a newly discovered game resolution vs phone resolution issue? The point where Allied tank can damage each other is nonsensical. I mean this happens irl but I don’t think tanks will squeeze together in the game when they are given orders in the battlefield thus causing the friendly fire.
  • HeroCraft Ltd.
  • We are terribly sorry for the issue. Please, contact us at support[at] and attach the screenshots of the problem. The information is very important for fixing the bug. We’ll try to investigate it.

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