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[Game] Catris – Merge Cat | Kitty Merging

Catris  It may sound a bit odd, but have you ever tried to build the towers of cats?

There is a unique opportunity to start it right now with our brand new game Catris! Merge cats in special order to get rid of the same numbers and create impressive cat towers. This is a totally new game mechanics you’ve never seen before!

The brand-new game Catris is an absolutely new tweak of the old familiar Patience game. An addictive puzzle with a user-friendly interface and vivid, unique design! It’s a real test for your brain!

Just look! The cats are falling from the sky in the Catris universe! Each kitty has its own number from 1 to 10 and a particular colour. Merge the smaller cats with the bigger ones, thus creating the towers of cats! Meet the challenges with tricky cats such as Rainbow and Black cats.

Make them fight with each other – who will win?

Colourful cats with different numbers are waiting for you to merge them! Is that challenging for you? Create amusing cat blocks from the smallest to largest number like you are playing Solitaire or Patience!

Have fun with the relaxing puzzle game that really trains your brain, as well as cheering you up! Get positive emotions, make perfect combinations and exercise your brain!

Use the special features to make the gameplay more exciting:

Step back. You can use this feature anytime you want to undo the previous step.
Delete. This special feature allows to remove a cat from the column in order to merge cats in a proper way.
Swap. You can swap the two cats within one column and simplify the game process.
The wheel of fortune. Try your luck – spin the wheel of fortune and get awesome prizes
Shop.Go shopping for some boosters to make the game more fascinating!

Enjoy Catris Premium Access:

You can definitely play Catris for free, but with Premium access, we will take you to a whole new level:

No ads will ever interrupt the gameplay
Use an unlimited number of the special features
The unique opportunity to unlock special features by merging tricky cats

Create your own Catris world and enjoy the process of merging cats!

Catris user reviews :

I understand the need for ads, but the amount of them in this game is insane. And, unfortunately, the app just isn’t reliable enough to justify purchasing the ad-free version. The tiles frequently glitch and fall through each other, or fall without being touched. Plus, the rules seem to change randomly; yesterday I could play until all four rows hit the top, but today the game ends when one row hits the top. Overall, it’s a fun game with a lot of potential, but it definitely needs some work.

As many said, the ads were extremely annoying. So I went and bought the no ads option! Guess what. The ads are still annoying. When I lose, I have to wait 5 seconds in order to press Restart game OR I can revive immediately by watching an AD. In order to progress, the game seems to push the boosters on you, which you have to either buy or watch an ad to get a random booster. It’s extremely infuriating design. I would’ve rather paid $4 for an ad free version of the game.

The ads are triggered by successful moves… This basically de-incentivises you to continue playing. It interrupts game play. If they were at the end of a failed game, you would want to play well to avoid it. But instead touching the game seems to trigger an ad. Also it took me a while to notice that one of the pop ups was an in-game ad because of how hideous and off branding it was.

I find this game both frustrating and relaxing in equal measure with the combinations of tiles that drop but that’s game play. What annoys me the most is the constant intrusive ads, especially when nearing the top of the game. Way too many ads
  • AppCraft LLC
  • Hi. We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue from Ads. If you don’t want to see the Ads you can purchase the Pro version or ‘no ads’ purchase. Thanks for your understanding!
As addictive as old-school puzzle games like Minesweeper or Tetris. I keep telling myself “Just one more game” and suddenly it’s an hour later.
  • AppCraft LLC
  • Hi, Jane. Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

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