European War 4 – Entirely new general role-play system

[Game] European War 4

European War 4  Your Excellency, Commander!

Welcome to the 18th century, the Age of Napoleon. It’s an entirely
new gaming mode, adding general skills and a new item system, and there are more than 200 famous
generals to choose including『Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutusov, Washington』and so on.
Every general can come up from ranks, from a common soldier to a marshal, from a citizen to an

Every troop has its own distinguishing features and if you can master them efficiently, you will
be invincible. Every troop can gain battle experience and when they become elite forces, their
battle effectiveness will be greatly improved.

The map system is entirely redesigned which supports seamless zooming and the territory and borders
of each nation is shown clearly. Besides using strategy to beat the enemies, you can also purchase
items in shops, hire generals in taverns and exchange supplies in markets.

6 War Zones and 84 Campaigns.
『Imperial Eagle』 『Coalition』『Holy Rome Empire』『Eastern Overlord』『Rise of America』『Sun Never Sets』

6 Conquest scenarios of the age.
『Europe 1798』『America 1775』『Europe 1806』『Europe 1809』『America 1812』『Europe 1815』

Titles of European Emperor, American Emperor and Asian Emperor.
Obtaining princesses of different countries.
Ranking among players.

42 Countries and 200 generals.
Wars across Europe , America and Asia.
National Tech Tree System.
58 treasures
46 general skills.
More than 130 types of units.
Entirely new general role-play system and military academy system.
Seamless map zooming
Saving game automatically

European War 4 user reviews :

Overall, this is an excellent game, although; the bot is totally infuriating. In 40-70 turns, all it does is just merely spam infantry which makes the game a little repetitive. I don’t have any more suggestions. My review is so-so, but please fix it.

The game is really nice. There is just one suggestion, add a factor of rebellion group of the country which is conquered and if rebellions are not suppressed they will again regain the thorne lost in the battle. Diplomacy can also be added to it

It’s a good game, but I had been playing as Russia and Has Taken On Ottoman, Italy, France, Spain and was about to finish norway, when the menu randomly popped up, (didn’t touch menu) and Accidentally pressed Restart, all that work, all cause of some glitch, it’s good just ad safety locks on the restart, leave ect

Absolutely love the interface and play mechanics, it’s definitely superior to many of the other games from this developer. It’s english is lackluster as most games from this team are, but I’m used to it by now.

Great strategic game but the game mechanics are not explained well in the tutorials. Go online to find assistance, but it is mostly for desktop version.

This game is what it is. The AI is better than other games from easytech, it doesn’t cheat. This game is a wonderful strategy game.

I love the game but I wish that the country’s borders were more realistic exampel Poland was called th Duchy Of Warwaw in 1807-1813. And that we sould start out with a genaral and medals and shields.

Excellent gameplay. Fun. Some historical inaccuracies does not distract from the game. Easy to learn.

This game is fun I suggest you play it but my concerns is that I lost all my progress all of the sudden. When I touch the app it says page not found :(

It is a beautiful stratagy game. I like it very much. But how I earn the shield that I can’t understand. If anyone know how to earn shield please tell me

I absolutely enjoy games made by this outfit, no issues with stupid pop ups or anything annoying like that, you can earn ya stars with time spent, these strategy games these guys make are the only games on my phone that I never end up deleting unless I have to to download another. Thankyou for making enjoyable games. 5 stars plus

Very good game, the generals can be over powered, also it is impossible to get any of the great generals without paying money. I suggest adding more ways to get currency and a way to trade medals for the badge things

Great until level 5 then that’s it , it’s an impossible level made to make you pay , you shoot the French ships 11 times only half health gone , shoot you once and your dead ,, absolute con

Nice game overall. But once you hit the 4th level in campaign it becomes a typical dig in your pocket pay to win game. You have to beat 4 generals to they only have to beat one. Forts are too far away to get reinforcements in time. And the gold/ coins earned in battle dwindle.

The only game that I find it witheout problems whiteout crashes and force stop it’s amazing!!

The best strategy game out there you will get no other stratrgy game like this i would like a mode were every country was nuetral and you could pick any country for example ireland as ireland you could declars war on britain and then maybe france could to i dont know just please add that mode please thank you and the game is great

The game is awesome i love history games or games based around it my only complaint is i don’t know how to get the prenseesis other than that good game hope to see more in the future.

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