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FoursquareFoursquare helps you and your friends make the most of where you are.

Heading out? foursquare helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. Join the over 20 million people who are already on foursquare. Download the free app now!

Share and save your experiences wherever you go.
Get personalized recommendations and deals based on where you, your friends and people with your tastes have been.
Search for anything (from ‘free wi-fi’ to ‘dumplings’) or browse popular categories.
Discover insider tips and lists from local experts, brands, and celebrities.

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Foursquare user reviews:

Congratulations, you’ve just created a dumbed-down version of Facebook. What happened to easily accessible stats for every check-in? What does the whole “like” functionality actually do (aside from overly feminizing the app with hearts EVERYWHERE)? I’m typically in favor of app updates that bring simpler interfaces and added features, but there’s barely anything new that I actually find useful in this update. What was once a unique app that motivated people to see new places and new things (instead of just “liking” stuff) has just gone way downhill. Photos and ratings are great, but you need to bring back the stats (i.e. First time at a baseball stadium, 4 straight weeks at Mexican restaurants, First check-in in New York, etc.)… You used to be able to see them when looking at each check-in, but now I see nothing (except for photos/comments if I posted any). The stats and badges have always been Foursquare’s bread and butter. Leave the “Liking” for Facebook, which is obviously not a great model anymore.

But too cluttered. Accessing the main screen now does not show you your points v friends. That’s five menus deep. Explore with wireless networks enabled only doesn’t work. Lost 1*

Well done! the user interface changed a lot ! Really nice looking. I like it!

Am I blind? I can’t find the option to add new places to 4sqr

Need interface looks good but I hate it when it brings up Google Maps app when I want to see where my check ins are located! Go back to the old system for that please!

Wish the most expolored catergories were the from the beggining of your foursquare account. I will be traveling tomorrow so we will see about rapid fire check ins. Still dunno if I like the new look. GPS still not right when in my apt.

The new app looks fantastic. Only thing I notice so far is that the “explore” tab is jumpy when scrolling because of the images don’t preload

Best social network for finding new places you want to eat at and shop with a playful ui its one of my must have apps

I’m only giving the new app a 2. It looks nice, but I used it for about a minute. It crashes when I try to check in. It crashes when I try to add a friend. I’ve given up trying to use it. When its functional the rating may go up.

Too much UI and not enough basic info. With all of this it makes it slower and again need to get use to the always changing UI, since it can always be better…. stick with one for a while or give the option to use the older ones.

Best app ever seen… It should be made default app for the android. Foursquare u goona long way ahead

The previous upadate which I was using was itself awsm.. But now the new update man… Juat frekingly awsm… So many new features man… Foursquare rocks…

The app is great, please fix the bug about rapid fire i don’t check in for 6hrs and the first check in if the day it tells me that’s too many check ins… i’ll still use i have lots of fun with my friends …. is still doing it … its unfair to loose point on a hang up of your software.

Foursquare Last Update 07.08.2014 :

Our tastes are different, so why should we get the same search results? The new Foursquare learns what you like and leads you to places you’ll love.
Foursquare is all about searching and discovering great places, wherever you are in the world.
Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our other new app, Swarm.



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