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Golden Thread Tarot  Our main app has moved!

Golden Thread is no longer being updated, but we’ve been doing some heavy improvements for our new app, Labyrinthos Tarot. Find us on the play store.

Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancient tradition. Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixed future, but giving you access to the self knowledge you need to make better decisions.


0. Your Mirror – as you save and store readings in your log, we build up data about you and your cards, making it easy for you to find patterns where they were once hidden.
1. Tarot Database – sortable and searchable database of cards, giving you details on meanings, keywords, suits and number.
2. Guided Readings – use either digital cards or physical cards to ask and reflect on your questions.
3. Log Your Readings – save and store not only your cards, but how you felt about them. Build a database of your thoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back at you.
4. Illustrated Lessons – make learning the underlying foundation of tarot simple.

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Golden Thread Tarot user reviews :

Fantastic app! Love the log feature. I do wish there was an account system so you could keep your log between phones but it’s really a non-issue. If you are new to tarot I would recommend having another card meanings resource on hand to help you get a fuller picture of that card, but that being said if this is your only available resource you’re going to be fine with the meanings in the app

I only really use the database—haven’t explored any lessons or reading. That being said, as one who only wants to quickly get information, the user interface is phenomenal, sleek. If one *just* wants a handy tool for recalling details, I wholly recommend this application. Notwithstanding, I can’t vouch for the other features; I may update this if I ever do use them.

I’m a beginner tarot reader and this app is an amazing tool that I prefer over other tarot apps because it let’s me use my own tarot deck and teaches me how to read my own cards, whereas other apps don’t use real cards and give little to no insight into the meanings of each card. I also appreciate this app’s streamlined and aesthetically pleasing layout, and although I was initially confused on how to use it, I quickly figured it out as it was very beginner friendly. All in all, great app!

9/10. Cogent and deeply insightful without being verbose. One of those digital decks that really begins to click and sync with your life and path. I give a 9 only for the art. I know that’s preferential, but I believe the images should be given their due as developed archetypal personas and portals into the self. I think the art in this deck treats that aspect rather flippantly.

I love pulling daily cards and it giving an explanation since I am using this to learn as well as for my own self improvement. The lessons and database are also amazing for learning! Overall I think it is a good way to use cards if you don’t want to take a deck with you as well.

Pretty great app, reads well, but compared to their own Labyrinthos app there are very few card spreads to choose from. Also VERY buggy, won’t always save logs when you ask, and sometimes the physical card drawings won’t work. Either card spots will reset, or it will make every draw you pick reversed until you reset the app. One thing it has over the Labyrinthos app is the physical deck readings; otherwise I’d switch to labyrinthos 100%

I make use of the daily card draw every morning. I find it to be much easier than pulling out my deck, shuffling like crazy and drawing a card. I also appreciate the clear and concise interpretations and/or definitions for each card!

Truly one of the best tarot apps, especially for newcomers. You can tell the devs know the practice, and really put the time to figure out how to make this app pretty much perfect. I do look forward to the addition of new spreads. But between the lessons,spread trackers, journal, beautiful styling, and optional digital or companion experience, this app nailed it. Even as an experienced tarot user the app is the perfect have everywhere backup and occasional review sheet. Keep up the good work!!

I love this app. It easy to use and navigation is simple and intuitive. Its like having my tarot deck in hand wherever I go. I’m just beginning lessons and learning reading through Tarot, I’m sure these features will be just as amazing! Thank you Tina and staff for all your work to bring this app to the community of mystics and magicians (or witches and wizards…).

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