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[Game] iHorse – The Horse Racing

iHorse  Roll the dice and bring it on Immerse yourself in the exciting actions of horse racing on and off track.

Dream of the glamorous role of a horse trainer and race manager. Travel the world and race for global domination in iHorse: The Horse Racing Arcade Game

The full-on horse manager experience! Recruit and train horses to rise beyond their potentials.
Brand new horse statistics and training systems, incorporating arcade style elements
Set up your local and international horse racing stables and ranches to race in 12 different racecourses across the globe.
Realistic horse appearances, animations, pedigrees and statistics.
Race against players around the world in real-time races and make your way to the top leagues and competitions.
Adapt your horse racing strategies, and manage your relationships with jockeys to your advantage.
Upgrade equipments and formulate training regimes to create well arounded or specialist horses.
Personalise jockey silks and helmets, and set yourself up for the winner’s circle victory photo.
Watch live horse races and replays from different racecourses from current seasons.

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Email: cs[at]gamemiracle.com

iHorse user reviews :

Really need to introduce breeding as it’s getting boring just racing. Otherwise it’s a good game.

Amazing graphics it feels like your looking after horses

It won’t let me go into any of the regions

Add live commentary and changing odds it will be fun, tough horse racing calls. Great game but would be great if you start with more coins and diamonds and set off with just one 6 star horse to make it more interesting

Very good game. I have a ton of fun playing it so far. Set the graphics to HD and it’s quite spectacular. But there should be an explanation about how to do each of the functions. There is a lot to learn. All of my horses are male, all 18 of them. So I guess I’m not breeding any time soon anyway. The game CAN be pay to win, but my 3 star horse has 5 career wins. So it’s definitely not impossible. I’ve had no trouble with loading times, but there should be a heads up about maintenances.

The best horse racing game on the market right now! I just wish they would add more series races and more horse releases to the game. There is no breeding yet but im sure they will release that later on. Racing the same horses over a few years can get boring. But overall a solid and awesome game if you wanna watch horse races.

Well, is not that bad. It’s just weird that there’s a status of the horse getting too thirsty… First time to see this in a horse racing management game. Also, the UI is very ugly…. Other than those, is playable.

Should have quit/skip and save buttons for better control. The return key on top right corner and all control buttons on the right won’t fit all phones. Better UI needed, the forced gacha is a bit messy and too many steps to get started to play.

Great potential, but fails to impress. The UI is a mess. Horses get tired easily forcing to gacha. Special feeds are limited, can’t even buy with silver. Skills are pricey to use. Betting system is troubling. Overall it’s good but monetization ruins it.

Nice,really good game,i inspired by anime,i hope i can get coin game easily like watch ads

It is a very beautiful horse racing game! I personally like it and I play it all the time. I recommend that you can make it easier to gacha horses! 5 star game

I love it so much , but could you please make an iHorse Racing game with steeplechase, hurdles, chase fences, falls etc… That would be lovely

It’s a nice game to have but there’s more to add eg, Horses view both height and stature and environment graphics improvement.

Better than rival stars horse racing though the menus are a mess

The best horse game in the market

This game is very important

I just installed the game and… It’s amazing! I really love it! I will tell all my friends about it! Thanks to the developers!

its a good game dunno why its got such low ratings

For me is nice game because i was kid i play horse so..i gave a 5 star

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