Immortal Soul – Be the last one standing

[Game] Immortal Soul – Black Survival

Immortal Soul  Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a multiplayer horror survival game. Be the last one standing of 10 players on an unknown battleground. Join & Fight with a single [TAP]!

Survive by exploring what’s on a mysterious island that is separated into 22 areas, surrounded full of abandoned buildings, ravaged land, and hidden ingredients.
Keep running, searching, crafting and fighting by any means to protect yourself from the threat of powerful monsters.
Fight with the other 9 competitors and be the last one standing!

Over 45 characters in different styles that can be customized to fit your needs with over a multitude of outfits. Bring these loadouts into battle in Individual Match, Team Match, thrilling Ranked Game, and more.
Specialize in one or become a more versatile researcher by trying to master them all.

Hundreds of hidden ingredients on the battleroyale. All items such as weapons, gears, traps, foods, and drinks can be crafted during every battle.
Making good use of them, kill everything that dares to threaten your life!

Cross-platform support means you can play together with your friends and millions of other people on computers and mobile devices everywhere..
Taking the fun on the go!

The game requires a stable internet connection.
Recommended system requirements: a device with 2G RAM or more.

Dear researchers:
Thank you for accepting our invites and joining us here on Lumia Island. Here, your potential will be stretched to full and together, we will commence the next chapter of human history.

We know everything still sounds crazy: gene modifications, living subjects, lurking wild animals, endless testing rounds with other researchers… but “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” and we promise that you will not have any boundary constraints and the choices are always yours.

For research updates:
Official Site:

To consult with other researchers:

Immortal Soul user reviews :

nice game, but in the end i like the Black Survival old lobby better, where the theme is more old style and vintage-ish. Maybe the theme back then is different now, but this version gave off a rich, laboratory, science kind of thing. Though this version added a lot of stuff, much more than the older version. Like maybe storylines? Eh I’m not sure. I have a problem though. It seem to take a LOT of time to match up for a match. Please, i beg, do something about this

I love this game, and i want to dispell some mistruths that other people have left in the reviews to make sure they dont out you off this great game: 1. You’re not on a disadvantage playing mobile. The 11th global ranked player is a mobile only player. As long as your phone isn’t ancient you’ll be fine. 2. Although you will get put into higher ranked games and it is a really tough skill curve, you will not end up losing rp because of the matchmaking, the higher the game, the less rp you’ll lose.

I really like the game, i was a fan of the old one actually and i use to play a bit before i started getting busy. Now with the new game, i enjoy playing it and it’s fun! After playing a round when i get back to school work i suddenly have a lot of motivation and type faster, so whenever i am stuck at what to do for a assignment ill play a round of this and for some reason it will help me :)
  • Boltrend Games
  • Sorry for the inconvenience adventure, you can try using VPN to Korea and switch your computer time zone to Seoul

Love the characters and the story, this is exactly the content that I want to see. The matching system though… It’s awful. When you reach a certain rank then it matches you with muuuch stronger opponents. Please fix this

I play this games for maybe 3-4 years ago, this is a nice games, but sometimes it took too long time when searching in ranked or team match matchmaking, please fixed it :(

While the gameplay and characters were great, the wait time is way too long. It was even worse when waiting for the team match. That needs to be fixed

This game is actually great and really fun. But the matchmaking sometimes takes forever.

The games are just unfair. PC player have the advantage here. I really love the game and even wasted money on it. I’m a fox and I’m always paired up with dragons. The PC players totally have the upper hand here. I don’t recommend that game unless you want to be stressed out. They need to fix this and separate the PC from the mobile

The game has a high learning curve. Except for the low player base. Then everything is great

Black Survival is a great game with a lot of depth to it and is completely unique. It’s a great strategic game, that said it has its issues. For one the small playerbase on the north american server (Including europe and south america) results in high level players appearing in even first time players lobbies. I will note that even without that winning is unlikely. 10% is a great win rate, so expect it to be smaller. Also pc doesn’t have an advantege despite what others say. Phone is same speed.

I just can’t stress enough how much I love this app. I recommend one thing though, I have played with many people over and over again but it’s so hard to send them friend request sometimes because of different languages or at time it just doesn’t seem to deliver the request. Could you please add request button next to the user after the game play? I would love to play more with them and privately. Thank you

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