Monster Super League – Catch wild Astromons out there in the field

[Game] Monster Super League

Monster Super League  Test your skills by challenging the world!

Enjoy PVP mode in Astromon League

Astromons Assemble!
From cute to sytlish, meet Astromons of all size and shapes!
Discover over 550 types of Astromon in Monster Super League!

I Choose You!
Catch rare and mysterious Astromons in the field!
Evolve and Ascend your favorite Astromon!

Evolve and Grow!
Evolution will affect your Astomon’s looks and skills!
You can Ascend all Astromons to 6 Stars!
Evolve your Astromon in your own unique way!

Strategic Combat!
Even the same Astromon can differ by attributes or combat style.
Assemble your party to endure different areas and situations
and enjoy adventure and combat!

Populate your Airship!
Have a great time with your Astromon on your airship!
Sometimes you might even have a surprise visitor!

Socialize with friends!
Chat and exchange presents with your friends!
Give out tips and get advice from players around the world!

Become stronger in different ways!
Combat is not the only way to become stronger!
Achieve faster growth with fruit, and additional power with gems!

Diverse Content!
Explore 8 different areas with unique storylines!
Challenge yourself in daily Dungeons for better rewards!
Battle against other Astromon in the Astromon League!
Embark on countless adventures in Monster Super League!

Access rights for gameplay (Game services restricted if disabled)
1) Access rights for game installation in external memory

▷Monster Super League Facebook:
Follow up on the latest news and events on the Monster Super League official community!

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Monster Super League user reviews :

Very good game,one of my favorites! But i would like to see trading in the game, it would help people a lot! As an example: someone has a Sun wunkong that they dont need, and there is another person who need a sun wunkong and who wants to give an odin for him. Both people could do the trade and like it! Could you please add trading to the game? It would help some people a lot! Thank you!

I have been playing this game since it was released 4 or so years ago, and it’s only gotten better since then! Sure, there are some things they’ve added that I don’t care for (such as trinkets and the boutique), but I know others use them so I understand why they added them. Most things, however, I enjoy and actively use. I’m a casual player, so if you go hardcore this may not be the game for you. There can be a lot of grinding but that’s honestly my fav part. Overall very fun and recommended

There is seems to have some glitches in the astronomon league. Can you fix that. I really don’t like monster moving its own accord when i didn’t touch nor leave it auto mode. Im very disappointed the fact to get triangle gem for critical rate!? Like seriously, does critical rate only applies to square gem!? And not all monster gets square gems!!
  • FourThirtyThree Inc.
  • We’d love to understand what went wrong with your game, Joanne. Please email us at so that we can try to fix it for you.

This game is my favorite mobile game. I always end up coming back to it, even after I’ve been awah for a while trying to play other games. It’s literally the only mobile game that never gets removed from my phone. The constant events really makes it worth always checking in and the daily rewards are often great if you have the patients to log in every day. All the astromon designs are fantastic and it’s great the way the devs keep the fans involved on their social media. 10/10 game to me.

I love this game I personally LOVE the animal/random object astromons that become human I think there needs to be more. All of my favorites are like the Halloween Christmas and 3 stars that start out one thing and become humanlike at their final form. It is unique to this game and I get excited everytime I see a new type like that My only issue issue is because a lot of those are event if you don’t catch enough to get the final form you have to wait a whole year to get them fully evolved

Amazing. Been playing this game every single day. The graphics are superb. The only thing that bothers me is how rigged the catch rate and summon rate is. E.g) I spent like 2000k energies but only encounter 1 snowee. And please increase the summon rate. Getting astrogems aren’t that easy so it sucks when I worked hard to gather enough for 600 but getting no 5 star astromons at all for all of 20 times I used the 600 astrogems summon. Also, don’t know if it’s just me but I keep getting and seeing Mandragora and candling. So much for a ‘rare’ astromons. Don’t get me wrong. The game is awesome.

Beautiful graphics. Simple, yet deep and engaging combat/rpg elements. Constant updates + additional content. NOTpokemon that evolve into waifu’s. Ive played a lot of weeaboo trash animu mobile games, but this one would have to be my favourite. Yeah, the prices for gems at times can be horrible for an Australian like me, but you dont HAVE to put any money in :’)) Im loving this game, been playing it for nearly 2 months. And hopefully for many more

Last Update :

Minor bug fixes.

Contact developer :


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