Sherwood Dungeon 3D – Defend your honor in action-packed real-time PvP combat

[Game] Sherwood Dungeon 3D – MMO RPG (Early Access)

Sherwood Dungeon 3D  Escape to a Fantasy World in this Award Winning Indie MMO !

The Sherwood Dungeon MMORPG is a unique indie massive multiplayer online role playing game, bringing together a community of like-minded players from around the world.

A true cross-platform MMO: Use your mobile or computer to log into the same world.


Explore a lush open-world with thirteen different islands and an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters and treasure.
Discover the innovative skill-based combat system with casual controls accessible to all – but with hidden depth.
Meet up with friends or join a clan and experience open-world PvP battles with up to 32 other players in real-time.

Epic story-based RPG experience
Switch character avatars anytime without loosing progress
Player organized clans and raids
Chat, duel or team-up with other players
Defend your honor in action-packed real-time PvP combat

Sherwood is a skill based action game, which means every attack and defense move is input in real-time by the player. The beauty of this combat system is one of Sherwood’s most appealing features: action combat requires skill, timing, patience, and forethought, even against MOBs. Proper timing and reaction to a fight can leave a player ending a fight with full health. Skill is king!

Collect pets, mounts and heroes
Transform into a dragon or other beast
Craft legendary weapons with runes and scrolls
Explore the dungeon and collect loot
Explore a Massive Open World

Play this Epic Open-World Fantasy MMO today!

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User Reviews :

The graphics are good, the combat ok, learning how to play is a puzzle. A tutorial please. Someone has asked for mages, I second the motion. Body armor and robes would be a good thing to add, I at least like to look fashionable as I adventure. Sell them for a gem or three and let them be sold for a bit of gold to the merchants. Thanks for guest mode, it let me try the game before creating an account. The fact I did not have to start over when I when I made one is good.

It’s okay, I always enjoyed this game when I played on Maid Marian 10+ years ago. What I would really love to see from this developer is another Maid Marian treasure: Tank Ball. That was the funnest game and I have terrific memories making new friends from all over. Maybe my experience will be different after playing a little more, but no matter what I want you to know you all helped me make excellent memories as a child of technology and I will always hope for your success. Thank you.

This game is absolutely amazing. I was playing it on my PC. Mobile version is compact and very simple to use. PC has a lot of controls which are difficult to remember, but phone version is amazing. After finishing the game you can still do post game missions. You can never be tired of this game unless you have no clue how to proceed, if so then you can check the fandom page and continue your adventure. Recommended for all MMORPG fans

I want to play this game so bad. But for some I can’t create an account nor start the game. My internet connection is not bad and my phone is compatible. But why it won’t load? I waited for about half an hour, and it still not running. Please help me know what should I do. I only put 2star because of this problem. But I will soon give it a higher rating just help me run the game.

i used to play this game alot on my pc and i still love it apart from the fact that you have to pay for the mounts it is still a good time killer in wich you really feel your progression. other than that it is still in need of some updates especially for the interface i hope more people will start playing since for now there are not that many

I’m happy about the innovation of being possible to use on smartphones. I’m still learning how to walk in the game, but the map and the fight battle is really awesome and similar to the webgame

Its nice but as a free user most stuff on shop are for p2w players must be nice if everyone can afford some items there like daily draw or spin , the mounts has expiration date which is kinda sad. Overall not a bad open world rpg just add more event on the future.

Would have been a great game, at least a game my phone was capable of running, but without being able to save its pretty pointless

Pretty fun mobile mmo. If you like old school RS, you’ll like this.

A game I used to play alot in my childhood on my old PC in the internet browser

Amazing graphics and smooth transitions!

I use to play this on my computer a long time ago I am so glad that the made a mobile app

Like the idea of free roam. But there could be improvements, for sure. What would be great is if you added a sensitivity option so our eyes don’t hurt while moving the camera. The other one is that there should be an option so that we can zoom out while in game. Lastly, but most importantly… All the mobs attacks you when you stands still, even if you’re 300m away, they’re still coming for you. The only way for them not to attack you is if you go into combat with another mob. So, that’s it

I love this game:D

Sherwood Dungeon 3D developer :


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