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[App] SpotEQ31 – 31 Band Equalizer For Left & Right Side

SpotEQ31  Enjoy your favorite music player in a highly customizable way with a 7-31 band equalizer, multiple sound presets, balance and pre-gain volume.

Choose between 7, 11, 15, 21 or 31 bands for the equalizer – depending on how much precision you need.

Whether you want to adjust uneven headphones with different frequency and volume output – or compensate a hearing loss – this app is for you.
The ability to pinpoint a frequency band for a particular ear/side makes SpotEQ31 unique.

From version 1.10.5 this app doesn’t contain any ads. You can use it for free to change the sound quality of your music player app and, if choosing to, unlock basic features like saving custom presets for a one-time fee. There is also a premium subscription available.

If you have difficulties getting the app to work please retry the setup instructions carefully and then reach out for support by mail.
Please do not buy features before you managed to connect your music player successfully.

The app EQ bands show center-frequencies, meaning the lowest band should also affect the lowest possible Hz your device can reproduce.


31 bands (choose down to 7 bands EQ)
Choose Joined or Separate sides EQ configuration
Multiple presets, save your own
Export/import presets
Works in the background, for long-running audio sessions
Great for compensating sound differences in headphones
Balance an uneven hearing impairment, right/left ear
Boost bass or clarify treble
Limiter and 3d sound stereop expansion
Set extra loudness with the pre-gain volume
Volume control directly from notification
Works on Android 9 (Pie) and up
Tested with several music apps. See:

Follow the in-app instructions for best results
1. It’s safest to uninstall all other equalizer apps.
(Many problems arise from having multiple apps using audio effects)

2. Press ENABLE in SpotEQ31
A notification indicates the app is working in the background.

3. RESTART PLAYER APP and play music
Stop and close (swipe away) the app, then reopen and play a new track. Easily hear change with preset Low Cut.

4. CONFIGURE the equalizer
Adjust each ear EQ with Separate channels. Set a Preset or configure individual bands for your needs. It might be helpful to lower the Pre-gain when using the EQ with some Bluetooth headphones.

5. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, If an app breaks the audio connection, try to pause/play or start the next track. If not working, try to completely restart SpotEQ31 and/or the player app a few times (close & swipe away). If nothing works try to power off and reboot your device after uninstalling all other audio effect apps.

Fix bad headphones
If you have bad or broken headphones/earphones where the sound is uneven in left and right ear, you should be able to compensate for this by using this app. Some headphones may sound better and avoid distortions if you lower the pre-gain.

Improve your music experience without a hearing aid
If you have a hearing impairment and are using a hearing aid in your daily life, you can try to compensate the sound with this app. Just adjust both left and right side frequency bands, and depending on your specific hearing loss you might find a setting that hits your sweet spot for listening to music without your hearing aid! Consulting your audiologist or audiogram is advisable. Sometimes a simple volume balance to left or right side can do wonders.

Thank you for trying out SpotEQ31! If you have any suggestions please contact by mail.

This app is not connected in any way to any other music player app/company.
Listening to music at a too high volume for a too long time may damage your hearing. Be especially careful when using earphones with this equaliser. Also beware that your device or speakers may be damaged by loud sounds. This app is provided ‘as is’ without any kind of warranty, and you may use it at your own risk.

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SpotEQ31 user reviews :

I use this all the time! Works very well, after I subscribed I had access to all features, just have the problem with it just turning off every few hours, not a big deal best equilizer out there for sure!
  • Leanderoid Development – Audio & Productivity
  • Hi, and thank you for your review! Sorry to hear about your issues, if the EQ bands work you really should be able to use the bass boost, 3d sound and limiter as well. Have you tried it with another music player also? The app shouldn’t crash that much, it might because of Samsung Android 11 restrictions, please see
I’ve had just about every EQ app on my phone. Some decent some not worth a plug nickle. Now I finally have the settup I’ve always wanted, and it will never be deleted. Thanx for delivering an exelent app. Dano
  • Leanderoid Development – Audio & Productivity
  • Hi and thank you so much for your review! Happy you could configure your EQ setup as you wanted

One of the very few eq’s that actually adjust the frequencies,… Great program… Looking forward to continued improvements and features.. best I’ve found ever..

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Video :

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