Star Beast – Become the emperor of the herbivore empire

[Game] Star Beast – Endless Idle Tower Defense

Star Beast  Recruit guardians & defend your Death Apple against the galaxy rebels in this idle RPG tower defense experience!

Become the emperor of the herbivore empire and control your troops to protect the planet.

Once upon a time, the carnivores ruled the galaxy and oppressed the poor and weak, the herbivores. They could not take the misdeeds of the carnivores, secretly improved their technology and developed Death Apple, their robotic planet with a mega blast. So they finally blew up the planet of the carnivores and became the ruler of the galaxy.
Now, the carnivores try to blow up the Death Apple at all costs.
As the emperor of the herbivore, you will recruit Death Apple guardians and strategically place your guardians. Use advanced technologies of Death Apple to defend against endless waves of the carnivores.

Recruit beast and guardians of the galaxy to secure the Death Apple!
From Battle Chimp to Dark Father, various galaxy guardians are available for you to recruit! Defeat enemies and collect your resources to recruit new guardians and upgrade your guardians.

Use advanced technologies of Death Apple to defeat the enemies even faster!
Advanced technologies of Death Apple are the reasons that the herbivores are ahead of the war. Shoot missiles, freeze and summon thunder to the enemies to defeat them even faster.

In Star Beast you can enjoy :
Recruit and collect more than 40+ guardians
Defend against endless waves of the carnivores
Each guardian has normal attack and special skills to defeat the enemies
Upgrade your guardians to make them stronger
Defeat different types of enemies and bosses to become the ruler of the galaxy
Place your guardians strategically to deal the most damage to the enemies
Use Death Apple’s technologies to shoot missile, freeze, summon thunder to the enemies
Note : Please kindly remember to save your gameplay data
(Setting > Cloud Save)


Email us at
contact[at] or contact us in game by going to Settings> Email Us

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Star Beast user reviews :

Nice TD game but for some reason the ads won’t play. There’s always no available videos to play, and it makes progress SOOOOOO slow. I can’t believe I’m saying this but more ads would be great (because it means I get more resources)!
  • Hopper Game Studio
  • Dear Erzel, How are you today? Hope the slow progression did not ruin your day. We are aware of the issue and we suspect that it’s because of the abnormal increase of downloads of the game. We will find a way to fix it and update the game. Thanks for your patience and please give us more feedback if you have any.
Seems to be a reskinned Summoners Greed. Barring nice new art it feels like an identical clone. Would like to see more ‘inspired by’ elements, as opposed to ‘copied from’.
  • Hopper Game Studio
  • Dear Ray. Thank you very much for the review. Sorry for the bad experience and we will try our best to improve the game. Sincerely, Hopper Games.
Please fix the game Whiplash speed up guards for real Stasis trap stopping attacker type enemies from attacking and fix the tax so I can collect them.
  • Hopper Game Studio
  • Dear Susan, Thank you very much for the review. The issue that you raised has been submitted to our production team and we will definitely work on those 3 issues. Moreover, Star Beast’s next update is coming soon (within this week or next week) so please kindly continue to enjoy our game until the next update ! Thank you

It’s a copy of Summoner’s Greed and a bit-more like Star Wars. It’s the same thing: you keep restarting back to wave 1 even though you reached a current wave. You have to defend Death Apple to beat the king. And it’s also repeative. Great idle tower defense game, Hopper.

Dear hopper This game is fricking NICCEEE 5 STAR FOR YOU GREAT GAME
  • Hopper Game Studio
  • Dear K2nT, Thank you very much for your positive review.
i lile the game but i can.t get more animal to fight but it.s okay i love the game can you make the game more eazy
  • Hopper Game Studio
  • Dear Dorres, Thank you very much for the review and the feedback. We will find the best way to provide you the most optimal experience.

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