Wake On Lan – Easily wake up computers from your phone or tablet

[App] Wake On Lan

Wake On Lan  Easily wake up computers from your phone/tablet!

For this app to work, you need to make sure that your computer and network is set up for and supports Wake On Lan / WOL *


Automate waking up your computers by sending an intent broadcast from apps such as Llama and Tasker!
In the latest version there is now support for Tasker plugins to make it even easier to automatically wake devices.
Instructions on how to do this are available in the latest version of the app under the help section.

Quick Feature List

Network Search (Find devices on your network and add them to your list. No more finding out MAC addresses etc!)
One touch wakeup widget for both devices and groups (A widget with online status is coming soon)
Tasker plugin
Intent Broadcast support (See instructions inside app help section for details on this)
CSV Import/Export – So you can share your list of devices easily!
Material Design (Taking suggestions on this!)
Auto-Refreshing Device Online Status (Using both ports and ping)
Supports Wake On Lan(WoL) and Wake On Wan(WoW)

For WoW, just set the broadcast address to be the remote IP address of the device. This may require some extra setup on the remote network to make sure that the wakeup packets actually arrive on the remote device.

If you’re trying to wake up a device that is connected via WiFi it may not work, there’s not many WiFi cards that support the WOL standard. WOL works best via an ethernet connection. Some devices such as laptops may not support WOL very well or at all. Some might only work when they are in sleep mode, and others might allow you to turn it on when it is powered off.

Permission Details

Photos/Media/Files/USB Storage – This is used for reading/writing CSV files to your internal storage so that you can copy your list of devices to other devices easily.

Network/WiFi – This is so that the app can actually send the magic packets to wake up your devices. It is also used in the network search screen and for pinging devices to see if they are online.

Supported Languages

Italian – Davide Salvatore
Vietnamese – Altra Nine
Dutch – Ackuna website
Russian – Павел Монахов
German – sendyourmessageto & ngdeinhardt (Don’t know their real names)
Spanish – Martín Sánchez Rastrilla, Álvaro Sillero Sánchez and others!
French – Raphael & 3 other people!
Japanese – Tag & Toeshoe1
Portuguese (Brazil) – Danilo & Cássio
Slovak – jurajov

If you want to help translate Wake On Lan into your language please visit: translate.mr-webb.co.uk
If your language isn’t on the website, please email me and I’ll add it!

If you have any suggestions for Wake On Lan, please drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do!

Wake On Lan user reviews :

Excellent app, does what it says. Now I can wake up my PC from hibernation anytime I want. Plus it’s free with no ads!

Excellent app! I use this for waking up my samba and print server running on ubuntu. Super easy setup. Turn on computer you want to wake. Let app find on the Lan. Then click on the computer and save the auto config.

Thanks for this! Works great locally as well as over the internet after port forwarding.

This app keeps turning on my pc anytime I have my phone unlocked or get a notification…

Works great, with an intuitive interface. FYI for other users, initially when testing the app internally on my LAN, the message wasn’t being received by the target machine. This was due to my phone sending the messages through my cell network, instead of to my WiFi, because I had set my WiFi Calling to “Cellular Preferred”. This can be resolved by activating airplane mode and then turning-on WiFi, or by setting WiFi Calling to “WiFi Preferred”. This is probably obvious to most people but initially misled me into thinking my PC config was incorrect. Another FYI, is that 2 different machines of mine had the default MS-installed driver for the “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller” which prevented WOL from working. This was solved by downloading the latest driver directly from Realtek.

I am a Plex user and wanted an android app that could wake up my Plex server from the internet, where my Plex server sits behind 2 routers. Had already addressed the “double NAT” issue setting up Plex. Took several tries to get this to work with the app. You have to enable the wake up on lan features on your network card in windows. And in your sever bios. My bios had a setting under Advanced – Advanced power mgmt -power on by PCIE/PCI. That was key. Then the app worked with default setup when connected to the wifi router only. To get it to work from Internet had to change the BROADCAST IP in the App to be the PUBLIC IP address of the server, which you can find by googling “what is my public IP”. You will have to set your server up with a STATIC assigned local IP address from your router, so it doesn’t change. then you will need to set PORT FORWARD rules for port 9 from the initial router in your home to any subsequent router IP addresses you have down to your servers router, and on that forward port 9 to your static server IP. The forward rules need to be UDP, or both TCP and UDP. My routers defaulted to TCP rules, and that did not work. Needed the rules to be UDP.

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