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[App] Antar – Chat with inner world

Antar Meet Antar, a window to your inner world.

It’s a new approach to align your thoughts, emotions and decisions.

Antar offers you a unique way to have an internal argument using various personas or emotions. You can be your own coach and help yourself through tough decisions.

This unique approach can give you clarity of thought, bring you closer to your emotions, and help understand the multiple voices in your head.

A clear mind leads to a motivated, happier and confident self.

Chat interface to discuss with multiple personas
We believe chat is the most natural form of communication. Communicate every thought with a message.

Switch personas and guide yourself to look at different perspectives.
Effortlessly switch between personas
Each thought comes from a certain emotion or persona. By being able to switch easily, you can be more in touch with your emotional self.
Identify the hidden emotion in your thoughts and explore multiple ways to understand your decision.
A comprehensive and growing list of personas for your use. Also, the ability to create new ones to suit your needs.
We provide a large list of personas and emotions.
Create your own personas or emotions to represent yourself better over time.
Ability to dive deeper into individual thoughts, by utilising our unique hierarchical argument format
Our hierarchical format for thoughts gives an opportunity to immerse into a sub-argument easily without being distracted by other messages.
We believe that our thoughts are not linear, so we give you ways to hop across to sub-thoughts as much as you like.
Secure, Private and totally Offline
We understand that lot of this information is sensitive. So, it never leaves your device without your consent.
Currently, no data is transferred over to any server. You’re always in control of your data on your device.
Themes and Customizations
Customize your personas through different colors.
Dark mode support
Various ways to visualise your chat message / thoughts
Export to Share
Ability to export your thoughts in markdown format.
Integrate with any notes app on your device.
Antar is free to download and use.

Antar is a new product brought about by our internal need to understand ourselves better. We welcome you to a journey together with us. Let us know how we can make this experience better for you and all of us together.

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Antar user reviews :

Totally what I’ve been searching for in self-help apps. I think I finally found the personal development app that doesn’t make me cringe when using it, it’s simply perfect and otherwise a fantastic tool, the idea of chatting with yourself is ingenious. The interface is also beautiful and practical, navigation is very smooth. Love it so much, thanks for creating it!

  • Hi Isabelle, we appreciate that you enjoy our app and think that it’s perfect. Please share the app with your friends and leave any feedback or suggestions you have at getantarapp[at] Thank You!

It’s amazing, unique and very effective way to take any decision. When the mind is always forgetting things and jumps from one persona to anthor you can really make all of them at once and take a good healthy decision. Amazing idea and Amazing app. Although there are several bugs that could be fixed. But i think it will be fixed in later versions

This app is perfect if you have trouble processing emotions or making decisions. You can see your thoughts all layed out in a colorful format that identifies the emotion/persona. I knocked off a star because the exporting feature could be better. Perhaps there could be an option for selecting to export all the chats at once as opposed to just individually. Other than that, this app is perfect. No ads. No subscription (although I would consider one because it’s just that good). Would recommend.

This is an ingenious idea. Journalling just became so intuitive. Thoughts and emotions can be classified so we get a third person view of what is going on in our heads. About the app, it’s very functional. The only thing I found was that while switching persona, the currently typed message just gets sent. If not for that everthing is pretty much great. Great job!

I love this app so much. It’s great for therapy and understanding your experiences and emotions and where they come from. For example: It’s interesting, I created a persona for the ‘inner-critic’ and after ‘it’ layed into me with all the awful, that part had nothing left to say. I really like the privacy of the app as well. Such a simple idea, yet incredibly beneficial and I can’t find anything like it.

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