Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains – Try to survive deadly dungeons

[Game] Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains

Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains   The orc tribes of Icepeak Mountains are threatening human settlements.

Do you have the courage and determination to defeat their clans? Try to survive deadly dungeons and level up as an adventurer.

Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains is a 120,000 word interactive gamebook by Adrao, where a combination of your choices and the roll of dice will determine your destiny. The game is text-based, with artwork allowing you the chance to actually see the exotic locations and dungeons you will visit on your journey.

You will start as a novice adventurer, either a fighter, cleric, wizard or rogue, and level up through a series of quests, either those related to the main story of the game, or other side adventures. The dungeons you will visit have some element of randomness to them, ensuring that even if you play multiple times you will still discover some new secret rooms and monsters. You will have to carefully choose between the abilities and spells at your disposal, and manage well the treasure you loot to buy a variety of objects that can help you in your quests.

A gamebook similar to those written in the 1980s and 1990s.
A dice-based RPG with Roguelike elements. No two games will be the same.
Detailed branching narrative system.
Play as male, female, or non-binary. However, do note that there is no romance to be found here.
Four character classes to choose from: fighter, wizard, cleric or rogue.
Over 30 different spells to choose from. Will you use a vampiric ray to absorb the energy of your enemies and heal yourself, or the invisibility spell to pass by them without being noticed?
Multiple types of melee attacks and abilities to use. Cripple your enemies with powerful blows, or adopt a defence stance.
Dozens of magic objects to use, from magic weapons to potions or scrolls.
Hordes of enemies to fight, each with their own characteristics and weak points. Will you manage to defeat orc warlords, overcome powerful elementals, and slay mighty dragons?
Several illustrations to enhance your experience.
Try several different difficulty settings. Play as a mighty invincible hero, or struggle to defeat the game on the harder modes. What is the maximum score you can reach?

Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains user reviews :

This is a unique choice game with a randomly generated dungeon experience. The best part is actually the story driven parts of the story: specifically the main plot line with the Orcs. The dungeons are not too bad but tend to be repetitive in the sense that alot of the choices are the same over and over again. The stats can be confusing because you think you have alot of points in sneak or lockpick for example and it’s still not enough. I wish there were more character development in this game.

A welcome change from the standard fair of hosted games content. There are just a handful of dungeons and only about 2 main quests, plus it takes quite a bit to get going, but once it does, the gameplay is rather refreshing and there are a number of different play styles. I love the randomness of the dungeons, and that there is even a dice combat, level and skill check at all beyond simply making choices and watching what happens made it worth playing. Please keep making similar, longer games.

This game has a very solid foundation and fun concept. But the game ended abruptly after the 2nd Dungeon. I’m not sure if this was a glitch or intentional. As a Wizard, I never even got to see any 3rd Order or 4th Order spells in multiple playthroughs. If it was longer, I would have gave this a perfect 5 star rating. But until some things are fixed or it’s given more content, I’ll give 4 stars. EDIT: I notice there was an update to fix the sudden end bug. Will try playing again soon

Really great game. At the beginning when you set up your character choosing your race I wish it would tell you which stats that race would give you that way I don’t have to keep restarting to find out which race gives which stats but other than that I love the game great options to choose from and very attractive and I love that I don’t have to solve everything with battle and that I can talk my way out of most situations.

Love the game but for some reason while playing I left the game to do something else then when I returned it restarted everything so made me mad knowing alot of things I got and done are gone so I had to do everything all over again but overall not a bad game really hopefully it doesn’t do it again. The character I made was a half elf fighter named Haldir I liked the background story picked for him being a mercenary not a bad choice there.

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