Baby Panda Playhouse – Explore the Playhouse for countless surprises

[Game] Baby Panda Playhouse

Baby Panda Playhouse  Welcome to Baby Panda’s Playhouse!

Explore the Playhouse for countless surprises ! Try role play, cooking, surfing, creative DIY, and make your dreams come true!

What do you want to be? A chef, a babysitter, the owner of a farm… As the owner of a farm, you will plant crops and run your farm; transform into a babysitter and care for adorable babies; become a chef and prepare international cuisines, including cakes, sushi, oden, and more!

If you always have plenty of ideas, the Playhouse is the place for you to unleash your creativity. Run a hair salon and give your customers a stylish look or a quirky haircut; repair toy cars and give them new exteriors; you can even hold a fun party and design the venue with lights and a stage, as well as choose the music.

Would you like to go on an adventure? Watch the animation in the Playhouse and meet the monster cars who will take you on an adventure! Race in the city, swim in the sea, and look for dinosaurs in the jungle. Go on memorable trips and create your very own stories!

Many more fun activities are in store for you in Baby Panda’s Playhouse.

Popular activities favored by kids: role play, cooking, DIY, and adventures.
Take on more than 20 different roles: a chef, a police officer, a hair stylist, and the owner of a farm.
The Playhouse includes over 30 apps that kids enjoy.
Many scenes can be explored: forest, sea, city, town, etc.
Meet some new friends and choose from over 200 animations!

About BabyBus

At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparking kids’ creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing our products through the kids’ perspective to help them explore the world on their own.

Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 400 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have released over 200 children’s educational apps, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes and animations of various themes spanning the Health, Language, Society, Science, Art and other fields.

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Baby Panda Playhouse user reviews :

Hi everybody I am here to give a feedback to this fabulous game I will always recommend to download this game But I notice one weird thing in it See when I became offline and my lil brother open this game he always says that first it says there in no network and then it let us play like I see it very wierd but it’s ok

My 5 years old daughter is crazy about this game and this is the biggest reference that could be given! Very funny, educational, cute and most important – free of charge, what else you can want from a game

My baby 2yo loves it.. however.. it is difficult for them to click on X or clickbait on advertisement.. is there PAY 1x options to remove adv? I dont like subscriptions

Wonderful game for little children… helps them to learn gk…thank u and numbers too…love u …..little panda

It is nice game I like this game it is too good but so many add will come this is the problem of this game

This game is so wonderful l love means like my mother say it’s good game for kid and no ad too much and I am 8 years old I like it

Wow these game is very fun to play and there are many games in it l reary like it game

It’s a good game but I wish they got the Shadow’s game. Great great for toddlers or preschoolers.

I love this is the best game in the world I have no words to say about this game this is good game

Thanks a lot thanks a bunch thanks so much for your baby bus factory I love this game I play it every day I love it

Is an amazing game for both, girls and boys. It is entertaining. This game has many things in it. And for kids it also have a option to learn numbers by playing games. It is a wonderful and excellent game. I am in love with it. I hope you will download this game by reading my comment. Please download

I never have learned Zendaya and I can’t find a new learning games to download I don’t know what to do slap I decided to download this cuz I’m a child and I don’t know how to learn and I have my own phone I don’t know how to learn flashlight download this game download it now

I know it’s too late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Pls add more games, the best I ever played. If you do this I will rate it 999m Stars. Keep up the good work, and again add new characters like Mimi and Timi. Thank you

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