Bangbang Rabbit – Fight your way through monster-ridden worlds

[Game] Bangbang Rabbit

 1v1 lol
Bangbang Rabbit  Bangbang Rabbit! is a fun and easy to play fighting game where you can show off your fighting skills!

Complete missions and defeat enemies with the skills you’ve learned to prove your prowess.

A whole arsenal of weapons and armour to aid you on your way to greatness.

Try to get as far as possible in your adventure with randomized events, weapons, and encounters.

Countless combinations of unique skills to help you survive.

Fight your way through monster-ridden worlds!


Easy to play, Cool fighting with infinite combo skills.
Random and unique skills to build a special fighting mode.
Improve your equipment and try out different combat tactics.
Explore mysterious worlds and legendary stories.
Level yourself up and hit your enemies with deadly super attacks and combos!

If you are ready, Let’s fight!!!


Bangbang Rabbit user reviews :

Let me tell you about this game, it’s fun to play for several minutes, then you will stuck at some chapter, even you watch so many ads you still won’t beat it, and when you watch so many ads to change the skill, they won’t give you the skill that needed to combo, if play without watching any ads, 100percent you will not pass, furthermore you need to spend for some weapon to pass next lvl. And there is no fun to play when you stuck at the same lvl, cause this game don’t have much things to play.

Played for a few minutes before the servers crashed and it seems pretty fun. Don’t be rude, they are at the beginning, don’t ruin the rating of a game because they have some issues. Right, they should have waited more and maybe this wouldn’t happen, but what is done is done. Just wait until the servers come back online and rate the game afterwards, based on the gameplay of it, not on some random error. A review based on a situation like this can only ruin the opinion of someone about the game itself, witch how I said, seems pretty fun & awesome. Good luck and keep your heads up, devs!

I’m already loving this game, it can be easy or hard depending on your choices. The menu is done amazingly. But my only problem is: Sometimes when i claim gems from the bounty notice. It doesn’t give me the gems. I should have gotten 300 gems but i haven’t received them. Is this a glitch or something? Please let me know if i have to wait or something. Thanks! – your pal Ruby

I’m unable to connect, constantly tells me that there’s no internet detected when I’m clearly using it. Edit: There was only a service maintenance. Would of hope that there was some sort of notification to let everyone know. So far, gameplay is quite unique and pretty fun for a while. There are still a few things that can be improved upon, that I’m sure that the devs are planning and designing on. Enjoyable, and a nice game to waste some time into.
  • X-Land
  • Server maintenance has ended and compensation will be sent via email. Thank you for your feedback and support!
This is an amazing game for me on mobile, and all of the reviews about it being luck based, or they bait you into making in app purchases, are false, because i havent made a single purchase and have made it to the 10th stage. It sounds to me like a lot of people aren’t very good at the game, and need to learn how to play before complaining and giving bad reviews. Overall, mad cuz bad.
  • X-Land
  • Thanks for your support. Have a good time.

I think this is a great game and I love playing it. I really like all of the features it has and it’s system for upgrading your character. However, it only has 20 energy with a very long recharge time. With the current amount of energy, you can only play 4 games before having to wait for more energy. Also, usually not even 1 energy is regained while you are playing if you don’t have a good run. Additionally, the in-game merchants that can show up are ridiculously overpriced. I see great quality items for more than it would cost to buy an obsidian chest sometimes. Overall though, it is a very great game and has lots of potential.

I’m already in love with the game and I have not been able to put it down. It is a good mix of strategy and luck; wich is exactly my style. Ads have not been a problem so far, but you can watch videos to earn extra prizes. The other thing I absolutely LOVE about this game is it’s ads, the ones for this game, are actually relevant to the gameplay itself, unlike so many other games. Five stars!

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