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[App] Bass Trainer

Bass Trainer  Learn the position of the notes on the fretboard of your bass and improve your reading of the notes of a music sheet, without needing a tabs sheet.

Improve your sheet music reading speed for bass: After this training, you will be able to play any music sheet, even if there is no tabs sheet!

Develop your speed and accuracy in reading sheet music by identifying random music notes in timed sessions: A note is displayed on the music sheet, just tap the right string(s) and fret(s) on the fretboard of the virtual bass (manage multiple correct answers).

Score system based on the options you chose for your session: the harder the options, the higher the score you can achieve!

Each score is saved with its date, so that you can review your progression over time with nice graphics.

Plenty of options to tune your training session:

Duration of the training
Duration to answer for each note
Selection of the strings to train: Practice just one string or the entire fretboard.
Bass clef or treble clef
Do Re Mi or CDEF
Display the numbers of the frets or not
Display the name of the notes or not

After some practice, you will be able to instantly play any note on your fretboard!

Master the notes of the bass. Music reading becomes easy and fun!

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Bass Trainer user reviews :

Excellent tool for learning your way around the fretboard. Some reviewers complain about the accuracy when touching the screen, though if you touch just behind the fret, just as you would on a real fretboard, I find it to be spot on. My only criticism is the rediculous number of adverts.

Use this whenever I have a spare moment, starting to get quicker as finding the correct notes.

Easy simple app for learning bass fretboard. I use it every day.

excellent! some ui glitches still to be solved though. and please do a paid no-ads version too.

Nice app. Very useful. However a more realistic design (for instance thicker cords vs thinner frets) would help the visual. Also, I often end up hiring the wrong spot, not sure if I am clumsy or if the hitting zone of the note should be widen or shifted slightly to the left. Otherwise, simple and useful

I know that I’m putting the correct answer but the app says it’s wrong, especially on the G string but not exclusively . I have large (ish) fingers – I’m a bass player – so sometimes the screen sensitivity puts the note I’ve tapped a fret above (or below) the correct position but there is no way to erase that error. I do like the way the fretboard, standard notation and name all appear, it’s just a shame about the other issues.

The lessons themselves are spot on, but that’s some major quality of life issues. Instead of a timer, I’d like a “next” button as an option. Also it tends to misread where I tap.

This app is awesome. Knowing the clefs and and notes on the staff is so important. Such an effective method, better than flash cards for times tables. I learned it so quickly. 20 years sliding by on piano, 5 minutes here and I am kicking it!

Very good for merizing the notes and inter act with the digital basss like the o you hold on your hands

Making good progress learning the bass clef with this app. Would be even better if there was an option to not show names of notes so I can learn them from the stave.

its tough for a beginner but its a fantastic app… I have so much to learn. Thanks

I love it! Just wish it had the low B string, but still the easiest way I have found to learn the bass clef.

This trainer will help you find and memorize the location of the same note on each string in four different positions all over the fretboard.

I give 5 stars because it did exactly what I wanted. Your needs may be different. For learning the fretboard this app is terrific.

Great app. 3 days to become competent at translating sheet music to the fretboard. Simple and effective.

The best note trainer for a bass guitar. I just suppose it could be even better if there was a sound of notes

This is a good way of learning to read music within small blocks of time during my busy work day.

Very simple app. You can remove the note letters to start to associate stave positions directly to the fretboard

Fun and effective. Connects the fretboard to the notation nicely

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