Beelinguapp – Lets you read and listen to stories in different languages side by side

[App] Beelinguapp – Learn Languages with Audio Books

BeelinguappBeelinguapp : Learn Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Korean, French, Hindi, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and Japanese by reading text side by side!

Language learning is fun and free with Beelinguapp!

Learn a new language with Beelinguapp, the app that lets you read and listen to stories in different languages side by side. Read text and hear audio in the language you are learning, and read the same text in your language to use as a reference.

Learn at your own pace with this fun and free language learning app. If you are familiar with language learning audio books, you will love Beelinguapp’s innovative method to learn a new language.

Ditch the flashcards and pick what languages you want to learn by reading your favorite children’s stories, short stories, novels and more side by side. From Spanish to German and more, Beelinguapp teaches you through fun and familiar text.

Beelinguapp is fun and easy to use for anyone that wants to learn a new language. Use your native language as a guide and start learning today!

Beelinguapp Features:

Language Learning Made Easy
Learn a new language by reading different stories in a language of your choosing!
Beelinguapp gives you the option to read the story in YOUR language to reference what a word or phrase means.

Audio Book Reader
Spanish, German, French and more languages on easy to listen audio books.
Audio book in any language can be listened to even if your phone is sleeping.
Learn languages by following the reader of the audio book with a karaoke style animation to know exactly what they are saying.
Spanish audio books combined with English, French audio books combined with German – the choice and what language audio book you want to read is yours!

Great Stories in Different Languages
Side by side readings of your favorite fairy tale stories, novels and more.
Learn languages at your own pace and choose only the stories you want to read.
Languages, genre and learning level can be sorted make learning languages easy.

Learn Different Languages including:

Learn new languages by reading different stories side by side with Beelinguapp! No memorization and no flashcards needed. Learn languages at your own pace by reading your favorite stories on Beelinguapp!

Download Beelinguapp now and start learning languages for free!

Beelinguapp user reviews :

Amazing if you know the basics.. Grammar is must for this app.. working like magic for Spanish (I am taking college class in that) not working for Turkish (I barely know much).. Dear Dev. Don’t be an ass and make more stories free

This app is probably a little advanced for true beginners but it is really beautiful and the UI in general flows very well. It’s extremely well made and I really love the function of being able to see two languages at once, it really helps to speed up the learning process because you don’t have to look up single words here and there. The best part of it all, it’s FREE! Thank you so much!!

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