Blade Bouncer – Become champion of the blade competition

[Game] Blade Bouncer

Blade Bouncer  Outsmart your opponents. Dodge obstacles.

Outplay other bladers and become champion of the blade bouncer competition!

Smash enemies into obstacles.
Use good timing and maneuver to dodge incoming opponents.
Acquire lootboxes that contain upgrades.
Customize your blade.
Collect all spirit animals and use their legendary powers.
Compete with friends to survive the longest.

A quick-paced game optimized for a variety of different devices.

By Three Swords Games

Blade Bouncer user reviews :

Hey ThreeSword Studio, Please make more games like this on beblade theme. I play this game’s part 2 also. All are very awesome. Very nice. My full support and regards to you.

This game is awesome. At first, it seems like the controls are bad, but as you unlock more awesome blades, controls become easier. Each bit beast has its own quality and powers. The game requires a lot of strategy to play. The only thing is that, more different types of platforms must be added. Otherwise it is a very good game. Thankyou Three Swords Studio.

I love this game so much. Plz add more parts and bit beasts plz add a special attack for each beast as well . Edit – I forgot the full stop in the end . Edit – I forgot the between in and end . I think I am weak in English.

The game is good but if it didn’t have those opticals the in the way it would be better

The graphics aren’t so great but I love the controls I love how you can earn anything just by winning the controls are so easy they’re so easy everything is awesome I love it

its a nice game everything is fine but i hate it that the moments blades see you they just try to kill you so your only escape is to boost away or to drive them into something like a banana or soda can but otherwise you will die when you hit them

I like the game very much but one slight mess up is that you can’t really control it like you want to you really have to tap to go where you want to go but other than that pretty good

It’s good . Specially big beasts are nice every one has their own power ….. At first , you will think that the controls are bad ….. But after 15 or 20 min …. It will be the best game

It is a very good thing to do jholi and green and green and green and green and green and green and green and green and green and blue in the summer but the first time they have been the first year is a little more expensive and the sun has been around since then so I am not going anywhere else for woman to be in Karachi and green bay and the other side is the same thing as kay jhal and the new Yorker it fit in the back 5AM is a little more beautiful than a garam with Stadium style but it’s not

First MOST IMP THING FOR A BLADER IS TO DESTROY opponent OR obstacles. blade just hit with somthing and stop spinning or Pleas improve something like include PvP or vs computer and it is so boring to always moving around here and there.. i m very big fan of this game please do somthing

This is a very nice game I like it very much why am giving 4 stars because if enmey is behind you have turn you can move freely but behind is hard to get but I like this a lot

Absolutely fantastic played game so good you should make in gameq currency so we can buy parts and a attacking feature should added That’s why i am giving four stars

Awesome game but …plz update this game and make some more moves and release the power of but beast turtle wolf bear viperon eagle much more …

It a good game but they should know that the AI literally have unfair advantages because they have good power but it’s fine to download

The handling is kind of bad but the dodging looks so cool you should play it and see for yourself

Nice game but the problem is that the game must be some looking like real

I like this game it has good graphics and everything is okay and I recommend to everyone

It’s a great game but it was hard to download it and the controls are bad at the start

its a amazing game in start it was difficult but when i unlocked more blades it became easier

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