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[Game] BlockField – 5v5 Shooter

BlockField  Do you like to play shooter games with your friends? Then you’ll definitely love BLOCKFIELD!

BLOCKFIELD – 5v5 Shooter is a cool and fun online game that combines several of the most popular game formats! Join us and show what you can do!

Play with your friends for free in the new online first-person shooter! Super dynamic 5v5 multiplayer and online battles with millions of players from all over the world!

A lot of maps and modes for the battle! Combination of game formats – from action games to puzzle games! The most interesting game solutions! Deathmatch, Arms Race, Dropper, Bunny Hop, Knife Mode, AWP! Try to win ‘em all!

The widest arsenal of weapons: assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, knives, and sub-machine guns.
Cool customizations – you can modernize any of your guns! Upgrade different characteristics to kill enemies with your first shot!

12 cool maps!
6 different modes!
Daily rewards!
Promotional codes and gifts!
Play with your friends!
Text chat!
Simple controls!
Intuitive interface!

Download BLOCKFIELD for free now and join the epic battle!



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BlockField user reviews :

Its a very good game i love it but theres a problem every time i want to play with my friends it says that they are offline even tho they were online but i dont care im rating 5 stars cuz i love this game and please increase the money when you win a battle thank you for the game its awsome

It’s so good at all, please do the Clan update i have a suggestion, can you add Rank mode? please read my suggestion, i love this game a lot this is my precious game i play this game a lot, i rate 5 Star for this game and it’s 10/10 for me. Thankyou

Well a very amazing polygonal graphics games. But the thing is that the game needs a lot more improvement. Add more guns, pistol, snipers etc. More maps also. While ingame u can’t buy weapons!!!! Why??? It has a lot of game modes but it has a lot of bugs. This game deserves a 5 star but unfortunately it lacks of alot of things. Waiting for developers to figure out the bugs and glitches

I like the new look, but I can’t see the bullets in the air so it’s kinda hard to avoid them and why did you take away the ability to get free gold? Now there is absolutely no other way to get gold except for logging in or paying real money, to be honest its really hard to get silver and gold and there is so much to buy, even though you get like 30 kills in one match you will only get like 300 silver skins cost 25000 silver, and crates cost 4000, we need more points.

You guys should add a sell duplicated skins system. The seller gets half of the value of the boxes (50 gold or 2000$) and the buyer pays a little bit more of the original value per skin (110 gold or 6000$). The rest stay with the game for “transferring”

Fun but the ads can be a little much, for you get one after every match. It becomes annoying, but otherwise the game is decent. Keep up the good work!

The game is great but there are a bunch of little things that make me hate it like not every gun can aim witch sucks because u lose all that acquires and the fact that there is no auto aim/fire i know it’s to make it more challenging but it sucks when u snipe allso with the dropper mode the last dopper is almost impossible to complete just make it a bit bigger otherwise it’s a great game if u read this thanks for reading my comment

dude the game itself was great, but why i cant find any other players? maybe it because of your anoying ads that plays everytime i exit a game.

The fun race is not fun at all, i played for a hour and made 30 levels i couldnt stand on the moving platform cuz there is like 8 platforms and u have to run on them, u should be able stand still without moving on these platforms, i waisted a whole hour to not finish the fun race.

Why I can’t log in in my fb account I’m waiting for 2 hours just to play and I can’t still able to play pls fix this and I saw that bug is fixed but it’s not

Very well made game But could you add more game modes such as bomb defuse It would make your game a whole lot better Maybe a buy section in a game so you can purchase and equip guns in a game Overall I give it 5 stars

There is one thing i want in the game Is that I think we should have gamemodes like blockstrike and more then that and to friend people in game while playing Thats all other then that its better then blockstrike in many ways other then more gamemodes cause you hace 3rd gameplay while theyre guns is 2d so yeah I think You should make more gamemodes and Put more detail in the games texture Like add utra graphics but suitable for all devices, Thats all and thank you for the awesome game.

Filled with details I love the car alarm I can attract attention to enemies and neutralize them really nice weapons but can you plz plz plz plz add a flashlight to the glock 18 thank you for creating this masterpiece

The game is so cool but u can’t aim and its really hard but the only weapon that I can aim is the sniper. The game is fun thx

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