Bricks n Balls – Break all the bricks with one shot

[Game] Bricks n Balls

Bricks n Balls We have got the brick-breaking challenge of the century, are you on it?

Bricks n Balls is an extra fun and challenging brain game, which comes for your logic, sharp attention, and problem-solving skills. Let’s see what you’ve got to break all the bricks with one shot!

Bricks n Balls is the classic brick-crusher game, made ten times more fun, relaxing and challenging. Soon, you won’t want to put it down. The goal here is to find the perfect angle to clear these boards with a three-star score. The major trick is to use the series of exciting power-ups to tilt the odds in your favor. Even in case you’re stuck, don’t worry! The earthquake has got your back, just shake these blocks & crush them all!

Bricks n Balls is the most satisfying & challenging gameplay, you will play the game non-stop! Unlock a series of fun and fabulous game balls to crush those bricks in style! The challenge is to break all the bricks with limited moves, so you need to put your witty logic power to work. To make your brick-crushing more fun, we’ll bring you lots of items to help you to wipe out all those bricks.

The bricks come with beautifully designed interesting shapes, such as fish, hamburgers, and more! You’ll discover new shapes & colors every time you level up!

Main Features

Bricks n Balls is FREE to play.
Challenging & fun brick-crusher gameplay.
You’ll soon play it non-stop it’s so very addictive!
Swipe and launch the balls to break the bricks.
Find the perfect angle to clear as many bricks as you can.
Unlock new interesting shapes with brick every time you level up.
Endless fun with gravity mode and endless mode.
Get amazing rewards and enjoy fun games with tournaments.

Crush all the bricks to pass the levels and increase your score, the higher, the better! Let’s take this challenge and show the bricks who’s the boss here! Download & start having fun for free.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at bricksnballssupport[at]

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Bricks n Balls user reviews :

I paid for the ads to go away and it’s definitely worth it!!! My problem is that the game randomly pauses on its own! When I unpause the ball will launch in a random direction and I lose sometimes. I do pay $ for extra items and this issue wastes my money! I won’t be buying extra games items anymore!!! I’ve wasted enough!

Fun game overall. Gets pretty challenging later on. The upgrades really help in a pinch but so far I haven’t come across any egregious levels that are impossible without upgrades. I’m almost at level 400. Course the ads are really annoying. I paid to remove them but still get hounded by multiple popups about their subscription, piggy bank, diamond fund or whatever.

7 times in a row now, I’ve made it to a higher level, and then the game has completely frozen, it’s says I’m on level zero and when I click start the game closes out, and so I have to uninstall and reinstall to make it work, which resets my progress, I’m too addicted to this game to not play it but its still dumb and I’d like to progress past like level 133

  • Sorry for the trouble. We are here to help with the issue. Please contact support at support[at] or via the in-game Settings.

I love this game, but support is terrible. I’ve lost all my progress twice! They helped me the first time, but now I only get automated messages…. I accidentally paid for golden aim, no support. I already purposely paid for No Ads, and that disappeared when I had to force reinstall my ap. Now the ads are back. NOT HAPPY! :( I was also on like level 400 something and now I’m on level 21………

  • Sorry for the trouble. We are here to help with the issue. Please contact support at support[at] or via the in-game Settings.

Great game; until you progress to the upper levels. I’m so frustrated with the impossible upper levels. Once you hit the levels above 300…. FORGET ABOUT IT! You can use every power up 10x over and still not win. Then your stuck playing the same level for a month. I already deleted this game once because of it. Please make this game fun again!

Great game and fun to play but some levels are nearly impossible to best without using power upside. Also I have noticed the game is programmed to where the ball is either timed or based on amount of damage done and when it hits that threshold it is forced out of the playing field without any object striking it making it leave the play area. I have noticed this several times seeing a ball just randomly shoot straight down after striking air. Please make it physics based not like it is now.

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