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[Game] Car Fix Inc – Mechanic Garage

Car Fix Inc

Welcome to the mechanic garage that you have just taken over!
Restore the cars with the various car services, and then make deals with used cars dealerships to become RICH!

Get ready for running this car fix Inc. in this car restoration simulator?

In order to develop your car fix business, the garage should:
Inspect and record the condition of cars
Repair these cars with mechanics’ efforts
Offer car services to make the car restoration work
Modify and assemble in the motor factory
Earn money to make you rich

You can display these cars in the shop and make deals with used cars dealerships. Those scrapped ones can be moved to the junkyard. In return, you can also explore those components that required for assembling and repairing in the junkyard.

What can you do?
Upgrade garage to make money and boost efficiency
Hire car fix mechanics and managers to work for you
Develop motor factory to expand your car repair business
Engage car racing with epic cars that you assembled

Upgrade garage and train mechanics to promote the income of the whole factory. With your efforts, the car factory can repair and modify automatically. Analyze data and make wise decisions to make your car fix Inc. grow!

Car Fix Inc user reviews :

Game is decent, but not “good”. Too much waiting and not enough “fun”. Balance is off; it costs more to speed up than to “upgrade money”. I also couldn’t upgrade my car wash #1 slot without a manager card I didn’t have (despite claiming free chests and ones for ads). I could the second one, which was recently unlocked and had no upgrades. Didn’t exactly instill confidence in the game past that point. Ultimately, I uninstalled. Fun for a bit, but not long term.

It’s just a standard idle game which starts off with loads of quick upgrading opportunities which then gradually take longer & longer to be able to do & so progress slows down to the point where it becomes boring. It’s also frustrating that the 2 minute timer to wait for orders only counts down when you’re looking at the main screen – doesn’t count down even if you’re playing an advert on the game.

The game is fun and great for killing time, exactly as the ads said the game would be. I just wish there were maybe a few mini games besides just the car auction. Also a bit disappointing that the car auction is just a mini game.

This was fun for a couple days but quickly just turns into a pay to play. You earn money to upgrade your shop and then reset in another region with a multiplier. After the 4th or 5th iteration it starts to take days/weeks to progress. Then you’re just logging in every 2 hours to quickly tap a shop to buy 2, maybe 3 levels. Each shop takes hundreds of levels. Then the constant popups for packs of points and stuff.

Was great at first. But its super clunky on the UI and hard on lower power phones. The game lacks any purpose other then upgrade and go to new location. Then do it over again. The racing league really sucks there’s not a good system when it comes to upgrade the cars. It’ll give a class range for example c – c+ but all the cars are gonna be high c+ and you must win the series to progress. You’ll get stuck waiting for new location needing to win a race and just have to grind the orders non stop

  • Hello there, we have optimized the reqiurement of relocating in version 0.0.46. Please update to this version and enjoy the game.

Enjoy playing the game, Though when playing the event, I only can get into it about 30% of the time. All the rest of the time it Kix me out of the game. Tried contacting developers when this happened in the last event and still haven’t heard back from them. And it’s happening in this one as well.

  • Hello there, sorry for the issue you met. Please contact us at service[at] with your game id. We will then check on your case as soon as possible. Thank you.

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