Tower Defense – Defeat three unique Bosses

[Game] Tower Defense

Tower Defense  Play the classic Tower Defense game in the world of Slavic mythologists.

Defeat three unique Bosses and save the ancient world.

If you are a fan of the real-time strategy genre, then Tower Defense – strategy games is definitely for you.

The action takes place during the light of three moons, on the holy land, which was guarded by the ancient gods. The darkness that originated in the deep caves multiplied, strengthened and began to attack the holy lands.
The capital has already been destroyed, but there is a chance for victory. Reflect enemy attacks and rebuild the city. Only YOU can stop evil in the decisive battle.
Reflect attacks in forests, swamps and ancient cities, in the snowy north, and in the magical world. Don’t let the enemy destroy the main sanctuary of the Slavs! Upgrade defensive towers, apply magic and use the hero, set traps, call assistants, you have the power to win, the main thing is to use it correctly!
Rebuild the destroyed city and you will gain an advantage over your enemies. Rock your hero in battle royale and use all his might on the battlefield.


70 levels.
Orcs, goblins, witches, spirits, trolls, zombies, giants and many enemies.
Hero – whose Spirit can be summoned at any time.
Bosses at the end of levels.
3 super bosses at the end of each location.
A large number of cards.
Stunning locations – forests, swamp, ancient city, winter north and a magical world.
Leveling hero
Restoration of the destroyed city.

In Tower Defense Games -strategy games you can free the world from evil and perhaps you will be worshiped by the descendants of a great civilization as a deity!

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Tower Defense user reviews :

Game is good. But buggy have to restart the game every other play freeze’s up. Can’t change screen size, hard to call next wave, in same place as something else.

Easy to play. Can get most items just watching the ads. Now if they can stop asking to evalute them once you have. That be great!

At present I am having fun with this game. I like the fact you can go back to previously beaten levels and play them at higher difficulty levels. I don’t like the fact that this game very much feels like pay to play. Everything costs gems and through regular progression of the game the gem amounts that you receive as rewards are very small.

Good game, nice graphics and sounds I bought the vip right away and i bought a hero but i dont see how to use him. Help me to understand the point of hero and how to use it and i give u 5 star
  • SinDava Games
  • Hello. Write to us : sindavagames[at] We will help you.

Love the strategy of the game and the challenges… What would be a good idea is if you could custom your towers like color and shapes and stuff..

Its ok. Needs a 50th map that is endless. 50th map should only be accessed after you have beaten the 49 maps at least once. Lightning / Thunder tower needs a chain upgrade as a last upgrade.

I gave 2 stars cause I like the game but big but You don’t get the free gems or the power ups the videos don’t work and the free gems don’t go in your bank
  • SinDava Games
  • Thank you for your feedback. We will solve this problem.

Great game to play guys because I only have single hand to play with…

Good Tower Defense game. Easy weapon choosing!

Have not had enough time to avaluate game due to constant prompts to evaluate game!!!

I don’t know why it keeps asking me to evaluate this game when I already did

It could do with an end game or an endless mode, been playing it for 4 days and completed it. Once you get the rocket launcher towers, the game becomes a walk in the park. Just 3 or 4 of them in the middle of the map and you can go do something else while you win the level. It was fun learning how the game functions and mastering it. It was also fun learning the strengths and weaknesses of all the towers. The hero is useless. Guess I’ll delete my data and restart.

Because dev replied so quick and honestly, I’ll rephrase this in a nicer better way. It really has potential but it needs instructions, tower explanations (even if it’s just a glossary book type of thing), indicators of what upgrading the towers will do.. and I know this one would be kinda ripped from kingdom rush, but a tower with defense units would be awesome. I see I judged the gunman tower too early but please. Information is the biggest thing this game lacks. Other than that it’s pretty ok
  • SinDava Games
  • Thank you for your feedback, only you pointed out the shortcomings of the game. This game is new and we are trying to make it enjoyable. Sorry, but we haven’t prepared instructions yet. The first tower only shoots at flying targets. We will think about how to indicate this so as not to confuse you.

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