Climby Hammer – Can you handle this mountainous challenge

[Game] Climby Hammer

Climby HammerCraft, share, and compete in Climby Hammer!

Design your own treacherous terrain, then compete online for the fastest times. Can you handle this mountainous challenge?

Create a course any way you like. Share it with your friends and challenge their best times!

Draw your avatar’s face from scratch. Then deck yourself out with collectible outfits.

Team up with your friends in weekly challenges to become world famous mountaineers.

Climby Hammer user reviews :

The game looks and feels pretty good for a mobile game. I havent found any bugs or glitches yet. I like the idea of creating your own levels for other people to beat, but I jave a few suggestions: Make objects cheaper to buy, as collecting diamonds isn’t that difficult but it can get really tedious. And add some sort of checkpoint system. I’m designing a long level and I feel like some sort of in-between safe area would be a really nice touch. These are just suggestions, so still 5 stars.

Its a very fun game which deserves more fans like the rest of the -y games, but the controls deserve extra polishing. Im not sure if its the voxel character physics but if you fall and extend your hammer horizontally onto a rock, when you hit, you bounce. Normally this would be fine, but sometimes when you swing to propel yourself, you’ll lose almost all momentum when you do launch; this is very evident when you attempt a pogo jump. Also, when not touching controls, you should relax your hammer.

I really like this app. It’s pretty fun and just the right amount of challenging to be rewarding but not TOO annoying. And just FYI, most of the critical or 1 star reviews are just people who are bad and think the controls are super bad which they aren’t. Overall, it’s a good time killer and something I enjoy playing.

Graphics are hilariously bad, controls are the worst mankind has to offer. It tries hard to be equal to its predecessor but fails miserably. Then again it is a mobile game after all. You can make levels and play levels made by others which is the only plus.

It is a decent game to buy some time. The controls are iffy, and it glitches quite often. Sometimes when you try to open the app it instantly closes. The only other problem I have is that when you fall you just fall forever. It doesn’t restart the level, so you have to do it manually.

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the game lol. You don’t even have to spend your diamonds if you don’t want to. I think it’s a great knockoff of Getting Over It, and it’s super cool to see what courses people come up with. Plus, you can join a clan if you want to (I haven’t yet), and the controls are purposefully hard, because that’s the point of the game. You just need to get used to the controls, and then you’ll be fine! But anyways, I think it’s a fantastic game.

THE BEST HAMMER W. CAULDRON/BOX GAME EVER! I love the game because it has so many challenging activities! The graphics are amazing for screen record! The best part is you can make your own level. So that you can do basically anything that you can do with social media except casual likes and follows or shares but still a fantastic game!

Love this game! I see some people complaining about the joystick controls, I can understand that, but it’s not that bad once you get used to it! I would suggest adding this rock shape maker so that you can make your own rock shapes, otherwise great game!

It’s an ok game, many courses are either very difficult or easy, and diamonds are slightly hard to get, but not too hard. I overall enjoy it, but be warned, some people like to name their courses inappropriate names.

Its an amazing and outstanding game sure… but there is no way to die. If you fall down then you have to press the retry button and that kinda annoys me. Mabye add some sort of spike block or a way to just die.

fun and great but my problem is when I created level there was no way to see if someone played or liked my level. If I use the code I can tell the faster people but other than that great game. I would recommend to create a whole new tab for levels,likes,plays and on

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