Destination Solitaire TriPeaks – Puzzles from around the world

[Game] Destination Solitaire TriPeaks

Destination Solitaire TriPeaksAn exciting and fun twist to classic Solitaire!

Use strategy and fun power-ups to solve puzzling layouts on your phone or tablet. Earn rewards while traveling to exotic destinations with our beautiful free to play tripeaks solitaire game!

Explore all the beautiful destinations you love or have dreamed of visiting all in one game with puzzles from around the world! From the city of love, Paris, to the bounty of Cherry Blossom Trees in Tokyo; your First Class seat awaits you!

Fill up your passport with unique stamps in every country! Don’t forget to set your unique frame & deck in each location. Love to collect rarities? Earn EXCLUSIVE frames & decks during our fun filled events!

As our frequent flyer, earn a coin bonus every hour! Along with your hourly bonuses, earn extra rewards as you soar through each level!

Sign into your Facebook to collect an added coin bonus! Invite family and friends to help each other unlock new levels! See who has flown the farthest on the map!

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Now sit back, wheels up and await your next destination!

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Destination Solitaire TriPeaks user reviews :

Good game that I really like, but not enough levels. Seems to take a couple weeks for them to add new levels and when they do, I have them all done in a couple hours. Currently only 250 levels. Lowering my rating to a 1 because there haven’t been any new levels in months despite several messages saying that the app is preparing for new levels but there are none. And now the scoring system lowered significantly. No longer going to play unfortunately.

  • Hey Raplh! It took us some time to get into the groove of getting more levels into the game, but we have added a couple more cities now as well as two new mini games as well. We also have a new post card event coming in a few days. Incase post the update you still have issues please write to us at support[at]

I’m not a poker player at all. But I’ve come to understand the game at least. I’m still learning. The app is great. Very little disturbances, not even worth the mention of it. I like play simple gaming, their array of products are very different but still the same concept they all have in common. And if you want to learn how to understand a crossword puzzle, play WORDIE. I play a few of their games when I need a break from word wars. I’m on it 24/7. This game is a 5star games.

I really like this game but it keeps saying it is downloading new levels. Not it is saying it was last updated yesterday. But still will not update to new levels. Guess if it won’t update to new levels by tomorrow I’ll have to delete and try to find something else that works. Too bad cause I do really like this game!

  • Hey Denise, There was a bug on our end which has been resolved in the latest version. I would request you to update to that so that you may continue to play the game. We have introduced a whole new range of levels, mini games and special rewards! Hope you are able to update and continue to keep travelling!

It says it’s updating new levels to go finish collecting other stars but when you click on a location same prompt comes up and it freezes. Went to app store did update still the same thing. I guess it’s like all games, there’s clitches and bugs!!

  • Hey Geraldine, we have new levels in the updated version along with new features as well. We also have a new postcard event coming soon in a few days. Post the update if you are still running into issues please write to us at support[at]

I love this game, BUT I get to level 246 & it locks up. I have tried several days & it will NOT open. I uninstall game, I then reload game. I start again with level 1. How very Disappointing. This will be my 4th time to start over.

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