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DoneFlowDoneFlow is the perfect app for building your new habits, routines or for breaking bad habits. Create the life you want. Install the app now.

Track when your habits are done, create streaks and watch your habits grow over time. Developing the right habits is key to living a happier and more successful life.

Achieve the goals that you always wanted. Whether you want to wake up earlier, have health and fitness goals, or you want be more mindful – you can achieve it with this app. Give yourself the best chance to succeed by keeping consistent accountability with a daily and weekly tracker.

How does it work?
Add habits that want to achieve
Mark them done each day
Review your habits daily by looking at insights and adding notes
Create streaks and new habits will become part of your life.

Advanced Insights
Forming new habits and breaking old ones can be challenging. It takes patience, motivation and the right approach. That’s why DoneFlow provides daily habit tracking feedback to help you succeed.

Get insights into your habit streaks, your more successful days and how many times you done a habit since the beginning. Easily compare across all your habits to spot trends and see which habits are outperforming the others.

Personalized Goals
Track any habits that you want. From waking up earlier, meditation, to exercising and reading more. Set how often the habit should be repeated. Pick from every day, certain days of the week or a number of times per week. Habits can be highly customizable.

Create Your Own Challenges
It can be daunting to start a new habit. That’s why this habit tracker allows you to create small challenges. Create a challenge 10 days, 30 days or how ever long – it’s up to you. The important thing is to start moving! DoneFlow gives you the flexibility to tackle both your smallest and biggest goals.

Smart Journaling
You can add 3 different types of notes. General notes for anything that’s on your mind. Skipped notes help you keep track of why you’re not completing a habit. And milestones to celebrate your success. These 3 notes gives you the self-awareness and reflection to develop a powerful habit or break a bad one.

Habit Strength Indicator
Research says it takes about 66 days to develop a new habit. With DoneFlow you can see at a glance how close you are to forming a new habit. Your habit strength increases with each time you complete a habit. And the longer you can keep your habit completion chain going, the faster you’ll form new habits.

Schedule Habit Reminders
Set reminders for yourself so you never forget to complete a habit. Give yourself that extra boost and motivation. You can customize how often and when you get notified- daily or weekly on specific days.

Habit Streaks
You can see how committed you are to the habit. Your habit streak will go up once you complete habit for consecutive days. The goal is to have your streaks to be as long as possible and not break the chain.

The quickest way to make a habit part of your life is to do it consistently. Do it often, be persistent and watch your personal growth surprise you.

Calendar Tracker
Every time you mark your habit as done it gets automatically added as an entry in the calendar. You can easily see at a glance on the calendar of how well you’re doing. This is perfect for seeing how consistent you’ve been in the past months.

And more with premium:
Dark mode
Home screen widget
Export and backup your data
Unlimited habits (5 free with basic)
& More

For any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send an email to: support[at]

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DoneFlow user reviews :

The simple, clean interface is under used in most task apps, and is utilized beautifully here with green text on a white background. I love that completed items are automatically moved to the bottom of the list, so you don’t miss anything. The only feature this needs is the ability to choose the text color. Please make that happen, and I will be very happy ideed!

  • Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the app Beckie! By ability to choose text color, do you mean you want each habit to have its own color? Could you please email support[at] We can help you further there

I wish some of the design choices were a bit different. Like, make it easier to see the steps in one tap. And when checking off all the steps it should auto complete the habit. Also, I might be the only one that wants this but I want to add in optional habits. Like I didn’t plan to tidy my room, or exercise today, but I did. Let me add a bonus habit, and feel good about it

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