Exile Survival – Cities and towns reduced to bare wasteland

[Game] Exile Survival – Survive to fight the Gods again

Exile Survival    The once flourishing lands of Exile Survival were torn apart when ruthless gods unleashed bloody massacre on each other leaving the world in ruins. After the battle was finally over, scarce survivors saw the devastating results they would have to live with. Cities and towns reduced to bare wasteland, civilizations wiped out, life thrown back to its ancient form.

You play as a lone exile banished from his tribe and forced to battle his way to survival. Be ready to venture on a brutal adventure, explore deadly wasteland and face the consequences of the bloody war.

ORIGINAL SETTING. The world of Exile Survival is a unique mixture of contrasts. Bright colors and lush visuals go hand in hand with harsh action, barbarian brutality and gore. The further you dig into the game, the better you’ll feel the true, harsh and bloody core of everyday survival in wasteland.

STUNNING VISUALS. Fight for your survival in stunning topnotch graphics. The unique and beautiful visuals of Exile Survival will satisfy even the most critical experts while being superbly optimized and ready to smoothly run on most of modern devices. Dive into bloody action and brutal gore, leave the optimization to us!

BUILD YOUR OWN CLASS. Instead of cornering you in a strict set of preformed classes Exile Survival gives you a blank check and offer to build your own unique survivor. Explore hundreds of unique skills, combine them as you wish and craft your own way of playing.

LUSH LOCATIONS. Exile Survival shows that even the world buried in ruins can stun you with diversity and beauty. Explore deadly desert wasteland, fight your way through sinister dungeons and engage in brutal action in disrupted remains of forsaken cities. The future updates will further enrich the ingame locations and take your survivor to the snow-bound mountain picks, chasmal ocean and so much more.

BUILD YOUR BASE. As tempting as the dangers of wasteland in Exile Survival can be, all roads still lead to home. Build your base to become stronger, craft all the needed materials to turn your humble house into a real fortress. Leave the brutal world outside while you can craft, build and evolve your survivor behind the sacred walls of your shelter.

CRAFT YOUR WAY TO VICTORY. Exile Survival offers you a unique and refreshing way of getting new armor and weapons. You don’t have to take your chances with boss drops anymore. Now everything is in your hands! Explore various locations to gather resources and craft whatever weapon or armor you need at the moment. Don’t wait for a lucky drop, craft the ultimate equipment yourself!

BLOOD AND GORE AT THE TOUCH OF YOUR FINGERTIPS. Brutal skirmishes, bloody fatalities, spectacular fights and torn of limbs. Exile Survival doesn’t play around, it dives right into the brutal world of bloody barbaric action. You fight the best you can to survive or you die at the hand of your enemies.

INTUITIVE CONTROLS. Exile Survival brings the classic hack-n-slash action RPG experience to the mobile platform. The intuitive controls let you fight through hordes of enemies, perform spectacular fatalities and build up the combo meter as if you were the survivor yourself. No more overloaded interfaces, hack clean cuts with clean controls.

UPCOMING ONLINE CO-OP PVP MULTIPLAYER. Exile Survival is not just another hack-n-slash action RPG but a product of love. The future content updates hold massive new features with online multiplayer mode being one of the most important one. Play with friends in CO-OP PVE mode or join a Clan and fight other survivors in brutal PVP. The more victories you achieve, the easier it’ll be to survive.

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Exile Survival user reviews :

It’s a nice game, but needs some improvements, the resources are hard to find and get,and the levels of enemy are not echilibrate whit the levels of hero.
  • Pride Games
  • Thank you for choosing our game! We’re currently working on more interesting content including and rebalancing the game. Follow us in Facebook for more news! If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io
I love this game, the customer service is top notch, the graphics are gorgeous and the ability to set to low quality for potato phones like mine is pretty nifty too. It runs smoothly, and it gives just enough energy to get absorbed and do a few runs and then snapped back to reality when you run out. I’ve been surprised at how long its kept my attention- 100%, 10/10 I recommend this game.
  • Pride Games
  • Thank you for the 5 stars! :) We’re currently working on more interesting content including dungeons, weapons and many more. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io!
Without doubt one of the best games of its genre, leveling is fair, the travel system is decent and the ability to farm materials and craft doesn’t take forever like all the other games. Good selection of items to craft, enemy’s offer a good variety in difficulty. Micro transactions are available but not particularly needed, but if used are also a fair price compared to other games. The only singular drawback I can think of is the lack of a substantial story.
  • Pride Games
  • Thank you very much for five stars! We are working hard to create an interesting game and we are happy to know you like it. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io
The update is great I love the new map layout….however I will say that it is unfair to to player…first of the daily items are not retrievable…secondly the inability to actually retrieve the items that you lost upon dying is unfair…. Especially on the easier parts of the map I understand losing the items on a harder part of the map….fix that and I’ll be happy Your friend RivitingWolf79
  • Pride Games
  • Thank you very much for five stars! We are working hard to create an interesting game and we are happy to know you like it. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io
I’ve been playing this for a few weeks, the events that spawn are seldom of easier level then my character, making as I call it “grinding” for resources very difficult, I bought the map for the one city and after using it once and going there, it makes me find all the pieces again, all 4 pieces, which often times dont appear in zones, then the animals specifically boars, are much too difficult, daily tasks are, very hard to get all of, and I frequently gets chests with recipes I already have
  • Thank you for your feedback! We are glad to hear you like the game and we want to make it even better for you. Please tell us on help[at]pgstudio.io what features you want to see to rate the game by 5 stars :)
Actually a pretty good game, i wish i could visit the pyramids or travel to the other lands on the map though! Also, needs more item to build and more locations to travel. But the game play is awesome, graphics are amazing
  • Thank you very much for five stars! We are working hard to create an interesting game and we are happy to know you like it. If you have any questions about the gameplay, feel free to ask at help[at]pgstudio.io

Latest Update :

Hello, barbarians! We come back to you with this quality of life update!
It’s more focused on our newcomers, but there is something for you as well:
Endurance: total energy increased to 200!
Health care: cloth armor durability more than doubled!
Convenience: Hospital outskirts enriched with resources in case you forgot to bring tools…
And more!
Share your opinion at help[at]pgstudio.io

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