Homerun King – How far can you hit

[Game] Homerun King – Pro Baseball

Homerun King  How far can you hit?

Homerun is just the beginning
Play with your friend to get the highest score

It’s easy and unique. also amazing.
You can be the MLB major league best homerun King

Act Now!! Let them know you are the real Homerun King!!

Homerun King, Baseball King, Sports King!!


Permission Guide
GET_ACCOUNTS : Permission to import Google Play Game Service auto login information
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Permission to save screenshots
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Permission to import screenshots

Homerun King user reviews :

Update: I had problems with the most recent update that was causing it to freeze and I lost all my coins, levels and diamonds. I sent an email and got a quick response. You helped me correct the problem and you replaced what I lost. Thank you so much. You all are awesome. Back up to 5 stars. I had this game about 6 years ago and it has changed a lot. Some good, some bad. But overall, I love it.
  • Sorry for the trouble. Could you send us email from Setting (Contact Button ) in the game. We need to know your ID

Well are you guys gonna start actually giving out the diamonds that you actually get when you complete the daily events instead of 3? When it clearly shows i completed all “5” challenges that include a diamond on each not to mention the 2 diamonds you get for completing the whole list? No, okay then you get a one star your app sucks an you should chose another profession idiots.

Was a good game but after the update it freezes and I have lost all my progress
  • Sorry for the trouble. Could you send us email from Setting (Contact Button ) in the game. We need to know your ID Also, try to update the game
Thanks for being vigilant on fixing the problem I was having with the game you hook me up plus more I’m very appreciative. THE GAME IS AWESOME
  • Sorry for the trouble. Could you send us email from Setting (Contact Button ) in the game. We need to know your ID. Also try to update the game
Dumb. I never get more than 6-7 hits every game. You can’t advance.
  • You can do it! Just try more. and see your swing is fast or slow. You will get all perfect HOMERUNS!!

After update…. Why prices for iap are ridiculously high? When I signed on today all my google achievements re appeared. Please explain the new lvl system… My characters are lvl 100, 200,400 I don’t understand after this update.. help!!!

Very fun and entertaining game.

The timing needed to hit the ball has to be absolutely perfect. Fix that issue and this could potentially be very enjoyable. Hitting not even 5 out of 20 is ridiculous.

Game itself is good. But what makes it nearly unplayable is the Google play. Every time you get a new achievement the controles freezes up until the announcement from google play goes away making it impossible to swing the bat for 3 to 4 pitches or more before it allows you to start swinging again which in turn causes you your streak which in turn makes getting a perfect 20/20 homeruns in classic, high score in 3strikes/1out, or 100/100 homeruns in 100 ball fast pitch impossible. Fix I rate 5*.

Game is great, but I replaced my broken phone, and now have to start all over. When I try to download my game progress, I get WARNING box that says “If you download the data” — that’s all it says. I still click download, but nothing happens. I was up to player level 194, and now I have to start back at 1, losing everything I paid for. That’s not cool

I really like this game alot. But unfortunately I have had to download it again to my new fone. Which now means I have to start again. I don’t understand why it won’t let me save my data or download previous games. I have paid alot of money for ingame purchases and now I lose them all because I can’t download my own game. Does that really seem fair? Please sort this problem out as I’m 100% sure that I am not the only person that has a problem with this.

Fun Game. Fantastic way to spend idled time. Perfect for traveling. The upgrades are an thrilling incentive to get better. The competition is fierce. I also love that it involves the world with every countries flag to represent your nation. I give it a Way Thumbs Up!!! (In All Categories)

I love this game it is so fun! I have it on all of my devices that can get this awesome game. It is extra fun when you reach level 5.

Latest Update :

Small bug fixes
UI & UX update

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Video :

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