Magic Beasts – New magical world filled with cuddly creatures

[Game] Magic Beasts

Magic BeastsA magical storm has scattered the Magic Beasts across Wildwood Forest.

Now it’s up to you to rescue the cute little critters and help them rebuild their homes!
Explore a strange, new magical world filled with cuddly, lovable, humorous creatures you’ve never seen before.

Discover their personalities, their hopes and quirks. Help them rebuild their homes, find magical items, and eventually realize their biggest dreams.


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Magic Beasts user reviews :

This game has been an emotional Rollercoaster for me. It’s by far my favorite game on Google play and I’ve played a LOT. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are beyond cute. And the amount of beasts to collect? Sooo many! But that’s not the best part. Every single time I’ve had ANY issue with this game (it happens, nobody is perfect) I have contacted developers and had my issues fixed immediately. I’ve never had such amazing customer service.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review and supporting Magic Beasts!

Update: When I try to do research in a shop, I don’t know why most times I get back, there’s no new item that’s “Ready”. It doesn’t matter the time of length; if I’m not signed in exactly when the timer ticks to 0, the whole thing resets. The strange thing is: I think I sometimes see the new items are on display among the free samples, but they don’t add to my shops’ level-up progress bars. I think this may be an old bug that was never patched from a previous version.

  • We apologize for the issue you’re experiencing in the game. Our team is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it in the upcoming update at the end of this month. Please update the game promptly to enjoy a smoother experience. Thank you for your patience and support.

I love the game, but alot of my in app purchases go MIA. There is alot of potential to the game, I can’t wait for the pandas to beable to date, but I wish the crashing would stop because I don’t get the rewards. Being able to buy ad skip would be a bonus! And ACTUALLY ad skip all ads and not just for a short moment. I wish there was more customization options, it’s very limited and makes it harder to personalize your beasts.

  • Hello Sarah, would you please send a mail to describe your issues on in app purchase, to We would like to solve possible issues for you.

It’s a very cute, idle game. And had lots of potential. But it’s so glitchy right now. Half the time it has connection issue. When you do get in the game, if you have more than a few creatures, the lag is intense and your phone goes into overdrive. And please add a setting to turn off sound and music!

  • We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Crashing or lagging problems are closely related to devices. Please contact our support team at gigi[at] and share a detailed description of the issue, screenshots, device info and OS version so that we can help you fix it.

I really hate this new update. This was really my favorite pastime game to play. But I don’t like this update. I think the new names for the rarities are weird, especially ssr, that’s just a super clunky name. I don’t like the personality changes, (I liked the Freestyle, elegant, ect.) I absolutely hate Echos redesign. Echo was literally my favorite squirax but I don’t like their ears now. And now I can’t choose what decorations to put in the outside area, which sucks. I want the old version

Every time I try to play this game(after playing it for a few months at least!)it force closes on me and either asks me to restart or puts me back to my home screen. I try to restart it and it does the same thing after a few minutes. I’ve erased all the cashed data from the app and restarted it nothing changes. I’m so frustrated! Please fix this issue and I’ll fix the rating but until then no point in even starting this game imo!

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at gigi[at] with your game id, we’ll help you get playing again!

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