Mileage Tracker – Provides average fuel economy

[App] Mileage Tracker Vehicle Log & Fuel Economy

Mileage Tracker  Track your mileage by state, car expenses, gas mileage, fuel economy and vehicle service record

Motolog is a complete yet simple to use fuel log, IFTA fuel tax calculator and gas mileage tracker app that provides: trip log, fuel cost trip calculator, vehicle maintenance log and vehicle gps mileage tracker with full trip history on map

Fuel economy calculator

Provides average fuel economy, fuel consumption in the city and gas economy on the highway. Fuel cost calculator, fuel log book, trip log book and service reminders included!

Supports imports from other apps and offers PDF/XLS/CSV export

Our mileage and expense tracker for business makes tracking mileage for work purposes as simple as starting the engine

The vehicle maintenance tracker allows you to control your fuel consumption, distance traveled and gas fill up as well as track gas cost, fuel economy and efficiency. Additionally you can record your trips together with the vehicle GPS route

Complete car management solution for your car:

Fuel mileage calculator – select city/highway distance ratio and check city car fuel economy and highway fuel consumption in addition to standard average fuel consumption
IFTA mileage tracker
Data backup and synchronization across devices in free version
Car management (fuel cost, efficiency, expenses, trips with routes etc.)
Vehicle expense tracker – per item categories, price and even currency
Ultra quick fill up – enter only 3 last digits from odometer while adding refuel entry – this means our IFTA mileage tracker keeps correct vehicle mileage even if you forget to reset car trip meter
Our fuel consumption calculator algorithm handles partial fill up s as well as distance traveled while towed or out of primary gas in bi-fuel car
Advanced configuration for statistics units (you are NOT limited to mpg and L/100km)
Fuel efficiency statistics and costs management
Currencies are using rate of exchange (changing costs currency is NOT just esthetics)
Full history of maintenances, services, costs, expenses of your car, motorcycle, truck or bus
Our vehicle gps tracker app can record your every trip and provide car usage statistics
Track vehicles in your family or company
Vehicle sharing – configurable access rights for other users (read, write, manage)

Data backed up in the cloud and available on many devices immediately

If you like Motolog, you can support development by acquiring a subscription

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The Best App — comprehensive yet simple to use!
(for tracking mileage, trips, fuel and service costs)

synced across devices
car fleet management
vehicle sharing

quick entry – enter only 3 last odometer digits
gas, gasoline, petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG
fuel mileage tracker and fuel efficiency
missed fill ups supported
tow trips and out of primary gas trips (bifuel) supported
fuel costs
gas cost calculator

Vehicle gps tracking:
configurable automatic modes
route with state border crossings
IFTA mileage calculator

Expenses, service and car maintenance

trips (route, speed, time)
car expenses by category/tag
fuel economy (average, city, highway)
fuel consumption
fuel efficiency

gas cost calculator

Install our fuel log app and start saving now:
trip log
car route tracker
vehicle log book
IFTA fuel tax calculator
track fill-ups and fuel consumption
track fuel costs, car costs and car expenses
GPS mileage tracker for business
vehicle mileage tracker and gas calculator for trips included!
IFTA mileage tracker

Mileage Tracker user reviews :

Excellent app. The free version gives you so many options. Also, you can set reminders for oil changes and tie rotations. I can also track business expenses. I highly recommend.

Start on vehicle movement has to be improved sometime it never capture the speed even after 60 or 70 crossed

Good app and does what I wanted it too, my only criticism is that it’s set only for vehicles, and I wanted to use it for my push bike, still worked but it complicates it a little as you have to maintain a minimum speed

Motolog has been doing an excellent job for me so far. Picks up well on Bluetooth as well as Vehicle Movement, and does a great job tracking and showing via maps after trips. Easy to change from Business to Personal with a quick swipe left or right. Fairly priced when at to other similar apps. Developer provided quick and thorough answers to questions I emailed. Highly recommend.

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