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Omlet Arcade is the place to play awesome games together.

Use our gaming virtual network to play Minecraft multiplayer to build worlds with people all across the globe.
Live stream your gaming moments and squad up with new friends and streamers to improve your gameplay. All mobile games are supported and have a community on Omlet Arcade, the biggest communities include MLBB, PUBG, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Brawl Stars, Minecraft, and Roblox!

Show off your gameplay by live streaming to Omlet and other popular social media platforms (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Nimo TV and more). Meet other gamers and streamers, play together, and become a star!

Feature highlights:

Minecraft multiplayer mode
Instantly join your friends’ Minecraft games or host your own through our unique multiplayer mode. Download new worlds and mods from our community of creators in one click.
Share your creations and collaborate with other gamers and streamers to build something amazing.

Mobile Esports Tournaments
Welcome new era of mobile esports with Omlet Arcade’s most recent feature – Esports Tournaments!
Host and join esports tournaments in all the popular mobile games (currently supported: MLBB, PUBG, Free Fire, CODM, Brawl Stars, Minecraft, Roblox, Wild Rift and Pokemon Unite), play as solo, duo, squad or a team to have fun, show your skill, win trophies and other rewards!
Easy registration
Team invite codes
Auto team-forming
Brackets generation
Match chats
Mobile esports never been easier! Live stream and play in tournaments at the same time (use stream delay to avoid stream sniping and have a fair competition).

Omlet Plus
Power-up your live stream with premium features:
Unlimited, high-resolution mobile multi-streaming to Omlet and other social media platforms (including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Nimo TV)
Personal RTMP link for live stream to other platforms
Exclusive overlays and animated profile frames
Stream performance reports (available for streams to Omlet, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook)
Colorful live streaming messages
Custom watermark, thumbnail and Shield Mode images
Much more to come!

Free live streaming to Omlet, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Nimo TV
Share gameplay with other gamers by live streaming games to Omlet and other social media from mobile! (Android 5.0 and higher).
Omlet supports live streaming and multi-streaming to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Nimo TV and other platforms with RTMP live streaming capabilities.

Pro Play
Book 1-1 gaming sessions with streamer or Esports Pro player! Get coaching on your gameplay, or spend private time with favorite streamer.

Stream Overlays
Upgrade your live stream with stream overlays: use special overlays when streaming to Omlet, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and become a top streamer!

In-app currency and donations
Support your favorite streamers and gamers with Omlet tokens and gifts. Become streamer sponsors with the special streamer subscriptions.

Squad Streaming
Create a squad, invite friends, and live stream together for a fun, collaborative gaming experience.

Mobile Esports Community
Play in community matches hosted by your favorite streamer, or watch pro players competing in clan scrimmages and esports tournaments.

In-game voice chat
Real-time group voice chat to coordinate in-game attacks with your team or just chill and talk about gameplay.

Create and join gaming communities
Join gamers like you to chat about gaming (all live games supported: MLBB, PUBG, Roblox, Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Minecraft, Call of Duty, etc.), drawing, anime, roleplay, memes…whatever you like!

Loop recording and video editor
Record your gameplay, edit clips of gaming moments and share with friends, teammates and other gamers.

Omlet user reviews :

I love the app and what it can do!! It’s taking my streaming to other levels and I really enjoy the streaming on multiple platforms but here recently I’ve been getting kicked a few seconds into the stream even when I am connected wired to the internet. If that wasn’t a problem I’d give 5 stars

  • Sorry to hear that you experienced a problem while using our app =( please contact us here and tell more about the issue so we could do our best to help you: Also please check our FAQ to find possible solutions for your issue: Regards, Team Omlet!

This app is unique and fun! And I highly recommend installing this app. although there is some issue’s I’ve been dealing, whenever I watch an advertisement in my missions it would say something like “Omlet arcade has not been approve to serve ads” even though we can stream to earn coins but it would be hard for people like me using this app just for posting memes and stuff or people using this app just to watch their friend’s stream! So I hope you can fix this bug, Thank you!

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

The app is Great and all but reports are useless since it won’t go under investigation and also the Floating Icon keeps disappearing, I did all the requirement “turn off the Battery Save mode” I have turned off Do not disturb mode but it still keeps disappearing please fix this damn, and my internet is fine

  • Thank you for your kind feedback. We are aware of this problem and are currently working on solving it. Please update your app to the latest version when you see an option.

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