OrderZero – Destroys the monsters

[Game] OrderZero

OrderZero  This is the story of girls who resist ruin.

Monsters occupying the devastated city.
You are the one who destroys the monsters and regains their daily lives.
Install infinite skills and run through the chaotic battlefield.

Full-scale shooting with one finger
Skills that change each time you play. Fight infinite combinations
Unique equipment and fashionable costumes
Creepy and brutal monsters that won’t let you down for a moment

Inquiry Email: Gm1[at]ikinagames.com

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OrderZero user reviews :

Pretty good game but the auto targeting is really bad, instead of focusing on the enemies in front of me it just shoots the ones behind rocks
  • Thank you for the detailed feedback! I delivered what you said to the development team, and I will continue to try to correct the shortcomings. We will be an Orderzero that grows through your opinions and feedback. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in using it.

While the game is aesthetically pleasing than others with the same gameplay, I think that’s what made this I bit harder for me to enjoy. What made the other more cartoony games enjoyable is its readability, I know what enemy shoots and what enemy charges compare this with the all purple neon aesthetic on its enemy where I don’t know if its a wolf that charges or a snake that multiplies because both are small and have the same color. Same with the terrain, rubbles sometimes blends in with the bg

I had a problems, after I’m login with my google account and stuck in the loading screen (as same with login screen) is there any download data? Because I didn’t download any data but stuck. I’ve tried to delete all data and relogin but it’s useless. Device: redmi note 8 (4/64gb). recently I redownload it and it’s normal but sometimes the game lagging because too much shot (something like front shot + diagonals + etc) therefore can you make low, medium, high graph? It will very helpful

Great game. Gameplay is fun, graphics are great and it’s a mobile game that is genuinely challenging and takes skill, which is rare these days. More options to get chaos oil, or just getting more chaos oil would be good, since it is the big limiter for upgrading, as i have hundreds of everything except for it. I know that the point is to spend money, but it would be nice to just get a little more, especially since there is an energy system meaning you can only get limited amounts at a time.

Good game. Good graphics, maybe too good: I get really bad FPS spikes when an enemy spawns, or an enemy dies while I have the “Death Bomb” ability. I think it’s probably the crazy amount of particles associated with these things. I go from 60 FPS to about 5, it’s really bad. Otherwise, nice game.

A very good game which can be played to pass time. It’s fairly simple and easy controls. Though one problem is that it gets boring really fast. Since this looks like a pretty new game I expect alot in the future. Maybe a recommendation would be more characters, character skills and also some events or collaboration in the future. Really enjoying it currently! This game has a lot of potential

The game is amazing tbh .. but I just don’t get why such a game like this needs to be online. aside the adds nothing else needs online connection. and I live where connection is scarce. This is the only thing I want changed .. just like other games of this type .. the option of going offline and online would be nice .. I’d give it five stars if not for that .. but if it continues to be onlone I might judt uninstall

A fun concept ruined by a soft pay/grindwall. It’s bullet hell where you can’t fire and move at the same time so you have to choose tactically. The variety of powers and enemies give nice replay value. However, you soon reach a difficulty where the enemies’ numbers are so much bigger than yours that you need inhuman skill to win, at which point you are forced to either pay for upgrades or grind quests everyday to progress. Clumsy monetisation like this is what makes mobile games unfun.

Pretty fun and addicting game. Your char automatically shoots when standing still so you can focus on moving around to dodge attacks. There are few weapons that gives different play styles. However, it gets repedative pretty quickly and the missions/stages last awhile making you fatigue much quicker and get a difficult spike pretty early. Not that much content but it just got released so I don’t judge to harshly on that aspect. A game with good potential!

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