Supreme Duelist Stickman – Create your own stickman wariors

[Game] Supreme Duelist Stickman

 1v1 lol
Supreme Duelist Stickman  Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny and crazy Stickman mobile game

A lot of map (NEW MAP EDITOR)
With Simple control
Play and unlock new skin
1 player, 2 player and survival mode
Realistic stickman ragdoll
2d physic stick fight battle
create your own stickman wariors

Different modes
Gravity (ON/OFF)
Instant KO (if disable, the water, lava, etc will deal damages on contact)
Energy Shield (if disable, the stickman can bend down)

You can choose your character and play with a friend in the 2 Player Mode.
RHG stick fighting game

This game is totally free.
casual game and fun stickfight
This is an addictive game!!!
give me your feedback

Supreme Duelist Stickman user reviews :

This game is awsome. It has an unike style compared to other similar stickman games. I never get bored playing this game because every round is unique and enjoyable in its own way. There are tons of weapons, you can customize your character and you can even make your own custom designed maps. It is also offline, so no need to worry if you are going to drive for hours without wifi. The only complaint is that it should have multiplayer. But besides that, cool game. I totally recomend it.

At first I was like this game is garbage then I realize I’m just dumb I forgot to look ar the settings and turn off energy sheild and auto ko. The games amazing and really fun if you get good at it otherwise it’s annoying to be beaten by the AI but still fun. P.S Could you maybe add a way to stop certain weapons from appearing in random like a selector to “funnel” out the ones that are annoying. Love the game and Ty.

Im so glad i grew up with this games updates. YOUVE CHANGED SO MUCH SOB SNIFFLE. I love this game so much every round is always a new experience. The glitches are funny and you can get hilarious pictures if you are in a great pose. No other stickman game can compare. Its also offline too!! Edit: Almost forgot the world builder/level editor. Its stinkin hard. I dont know how to use it and there is barely anything to make. Tutorial for that please

It’s pretty good. All I ask though is more added to the map editor, because as of now there isn’t much to build with, and I created one map so far I really like to battle on. I would also like more cosmetics and melee or ranged weapons, perhaps you could add a perk system that specializes in certain aspects of fighting. Just suggestions, but you made a good game.

A really fun game! It is offline so you can play it without any sort of wifi. There are a few glitches for example the grappling hook can do an infinite amount of damage wheb the the is a solid object between the hook and the player while the opponent is pinned to the wall by said hook, however these glitches are really funny. I would recommend yoy get this game. Edit: I believe that you should add a multiplyer version that can be public and private games require a code that only the host knows

Can u add an option on the weapons list to have only fists,it would make the game so much better. Sure there is the boxing gloves but i think that having a fist fight would be pretty cool. Other than that really good game.

This game is awesome. 1v1s, 1vE and 2vE gameplay is amazing in this game. There are a few things I would like to see in the game in the future. This game needs weapons such as trident and rocket launcher(rpg) and needs more default (developer made) maps. As for the map editor, its ok but it needs a lot more. It needs more kinds of blocks, options for lava and radioactive substance (i assumed thats what the green water is) and we need backgrounds too. This game would be A1 if we got this stuff.

Add more weapons and places like a book of elements fire, earth wind, water, air and light and places like space a volcano, water fall an alien planet a beach a ghost house or town also make like a level mode where you are given certain weapons in a specific place and a random amount of enemies I know you have that survival mode but I didn’t like it that much cuz I get one shoted by giants please add these items.

Definitely the best stick fighting game out there, the weapons are well thought out and fun to use, the app has always ran very smooth and the UI is extremely comfy 5 stars would reccomend (but for the love of god nerf that one orange stone on the infinity gauntlet it’s literally a one shot)

I love the game but its getting boring with same weapons so I wanna suggest some 1st the dragon you can shoot a dragon and control it 2nd fist it would be cool to have nothing except fist 3rd the doul daggers (idk how to say it) so you have 2 daggers and the both will shock all enemies next to them 4th a rpg it would be cool 5th a command book so basically it gives you a random spell you use 6th a yoyo ur able to grab ppl with it and throw ppl and gives u a random weapon to use thats in the game

Overall super great! Though I would like a website where we can send our suggestions of what weapons should be added, I also think you should add Multiplayer mode that requires network, and survival master mode, like survival but you pick either weapons by chances or all of them has the same weapon like Sword, hammer.

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