The Oregon Trail – Help pioneers survive the trail

[Game] The Oregon Trail – Boom Town

The Oregon TrailGet ready to experience life as a pioneer in this reimagining of the classic game, The Oregon Trail!

A game that combines adventure, simulation, and settlement survival. Build, grow, craft and harvest as you turn the small frontier village, of Independence Missouri, into a thriving boom town!

Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid and snakes – oh my! Help Settlers survive the dangerous journey west in this reimagining of the classic game, The Oregon Trail!

Send Your Wagons West!
Help pioneers survive the trail, and prepare for their dangerous journey across the Oregon Trail and outfit settlers with all the supplies they need to survive! Follow the progress of the Pioneers as their wagons forge the way west across America’s frontier on their way to a new life. The wagons may call for supplies along the way, so be ready to collect resources and send them food, tomatoes, corn, eggs, medicine, clothes or whatever else they need to survive. Challenge your survival skills as you fix your wagons and face the harsh desert conditions.

Make Independence Your Own Town!
Create the town of your dreams in this town-building simulator game! Start with building marketplaces, shops, and saloons on your own land. Upgrade with a port, rail station, museum, or even a university for your villagers. Arrange and rearrange your layout. Add decorations, design, upgrade and monuments to make your town beautiful. As you level up, new buildings are unlocked, opening exciting new possibilities. With hard work and creativity, you can truly build the Independence of your dreams!

Farm, Build, Craft!
Design, Manage and grow your very own frontier boom town in this farming and city-building simulator inspired by the classic game The Oregon Trail! Plant, collect, and harvest crops, raise and care for a variety of farm animals on the land, build stores, factories and more as you help prepare pioneers for their journey west along The Oregon Trail. The town of their dreams is in your hands!

Join Events and Clans!
Go beyond your own town to participate in a wide variety of weekly and seasonal events. You can connect with your friends or family, join a clan, and compete or collaborate in special challenges.

Are you ready? Do you have the skill, foresight, and creativity to turn Independence into a Boom Town? Hopeful settlers are gathering in Independence, counting on you to make their dreams come true. The journey begins when you join this thrilling town-building simulator game—The Oregon Trail: Boom Town!

The Oregon Trail user reviews :

It’s Township, basically. There’s very little difference. That’s not a negative, just an obvious comparison from one that plays Township and was trying this one out. It has nice graphics and is thus far fun enough, though the tutorial was a bit long for my taste, but that’s probably just because I knew what it was as soon as I started and saw the similarities with Township. It did seem, even early on, to be trending towards spending $$ to really grow. Otherwise, a nice game. Uninstalled.

Good graphics… a little chaotic playing. The basics of the game is similar to farming/adventure games. Build a town, harvest crops, etc… It can be a little chaotic with all the options of building houses, finishing tasks, harvesting crops, doing side adventures, and more. I do like that when you send your wagons out on a trail that it explains historical facts about the locations the wagons stop at.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

I really like the game and maybe need a little smoothness for the graphics, and still quite a bug this has, sometimes menus are gone and I can’t do anything, stuck in a photo mode alike, please fix this! Edit: hi! Thank you so much for the quick response! Also now I’m encountering new issues while I was re decorating my city, some of the decorations are vanishing after I close and re open the game, and actually they’re also gone in my storage, could you please look it up? Thanks!

  • Hello, we’ve fixed it. Thanks for reporting

Only played a little so far, but seems to be a fairly standard farming/management sim skinned with old west graphics. They must’ve picked the name to play on sentimental value. So far, only “Oregon Trail” -like bit is “Send supplies to the wagons heading out on the trail”. Might play a little more, IF the repetitive bug of the UI disappearing is fixed. A fairly large annoyance since i have to force restart every time.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

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