Tiny Robots Recharged – Only you can solve the mystery

[Game] Tiny Robots Recharged

Tiny Robots Recharged  It was all fun and games until the bad guy took your friends.

It’s not their fault he built his super secret laboratory next to the park. Who knows what horrific experiments he is running on them? Only you can solve the mystery and free your buddies before it is too late!

Play more than 40 levels at no cost at all!

Solve a legion of puzzles and riddles in this supreme adventure escape game!

The game settings will grab you from the start and leave you wanting for more.

The brillinat soundtrack and effects trully connect you to the colorful world

Get your hands on this refreshing 3D puzzle escape game now.

Tiny Robots Recharged user reviews :

The game looks very nice! I really like the concept and the art is just gorgeous. Anyhow, there is still place for improvement, mostly on the UX/UI part. I get really frustrated when zoomed in and not knowing on what object to tap in order to use the items I gathered. A simple highlight on the objects you can interact with can really bring a lot of value to the game and make it less frustrating. It’s important to create difficulty by making more complex puzzles, not by making the UI/UX rigid.

most fun and engaging with the LOL bot reacting to your every move. I think it’s cool the way my device vibrates when something explodes. this really helps to keep you from getting stuck into thinking one way and try from a different perspective. it is also interesting because you play the game from a 360° view as well as 3D. the one down side for me (since I’m old and have stiff joints)is the fact that it’s timed. would be nice if we had a way to play on casual mode. thanks to the Dev.

The graphics are excellent, but the thing that spoils the game for me is the fact that you are up against the clock. Each puzzle has a mini puzzle to solve and they are chosen to force you into using batteries so you will have to by more. I hate games where there are time limits, games should be played for fun and not to raise your stress limits. Had the game allowed you to play a few levels free and then charged you for the rest of the game I would have gladly bought it and not forced to buy.

I’m not normally a fan of these types of games. But something about it caught my attention and I gave it a try. i played the first couple levels and thought, nah I don’t like it. I closed the game and found my self playing it again 10 min later lol. I love the overall general design of the game. Plus it has a new little twist on how to play an escape room. It’s not just 1 flat wall where you must simply click. You have to move around a 3D map and actually look for your clues, and how to use them

The puzzles are generally far too easy, and the only real metric of difficulty is time. On levels with automated processes or where trial and error is required time can be far too short, and on other levels you will never need to even consider time. There is also zero story to be seen, and none of the “interesting characters” as advertised. Just robots that react to you as part of the puzzles.

Review update: I really like this game! Graphics are good. Puzzles are fun and diverting. The latest update provides endless batteries if you buy the mega pack, which also unlocks all the levels, and more time per battery, which clears up my previous complaints. I will gladly pay one-time fees to clear up ads and unlock levels. This time I didn’t notice my phone heating up with the quality set to high…. Thank you for a great game!

Great game! Me, and my 10yr old son, love playing this game. It’s juuust hard enough to keep our attention, but not too hard to uninstall the game. The graphics are really good too. Over all, this is, like I said, a great game.

In depth problem solving puzzle game that isn’t a total push over and gives an incremental challenge as the games goes on. Absolutely fantastic, best puzzle game I’ve played in a very long time since “the room”. Thankyou.

Fun game, great graphics, cute story. The game itself is very simple, no real challenge. There are ads between every level which is a little annoying since the levels are very short.

I love the graphics and controls by these developers – very intuitive and fun to do; a good game to dip in and out of. The main issue is the levels are a bit too easy and some are unimaginative, but the design and gameplay makes up for that.

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