Wild Runners – Climb the trophy road

[Game] Wild Runners

Wild RunnersWild Runners is a fun and innovative multiplayer 3D running game.

Choose from 12 unique and crazy animals
Unlock over 24 amazing power-up cards
Enjoy fast procedural racing with silly obstacles and platforms
Discover 4 wild environments with different atmospheres
Collect stars to claim amazing rewards
Climb the trophy road and complete weekly missions to unlock more rewards!

Wild Runners user reviews :

Simple mechanics, enjoyable graphics and a lot of potential as a game, BUT, I’m not going to sit and watch an ad EVERY SINGLE RACE. If you want to monetize your game do it through battlepasses or better yet, skins and customization. Forcing your players to lose time watching ads instead of having fun playing the game defeats the purpose of gaming. I’m uninstalling for now, hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it in the near future.

I need multiplayer with friends oh yes i need it, the capability to make a room and play with friends, like a huge number of. Make the tracks long so that people who get knocked can have an opportunity to regain position, make bigger and longer maps please. And the multiplayer mode too please introduce it. Thanks for such a great experience.

This game is very close to becoming a masterpiece it just needs some more maps and game modes and sum functions like slide,etc.

its generally like beach buggy but from a different perspective ,this time around it isn’t cars,its really good ,I have to say

Definitely a fun game and funny too. Just add more courses and such but other than that. Great game.

It’s a good game but we need a lot of changes like playing with friends and new obstacles and maps

Add Online players with different maps. This game will be massive. Trust me

It seems very interesting to play. So far I love the gameplay. Will update the review after 1 week.

Very good game more characters and more maps and it will be as good as fun run

The controlls are a bit whacky but the rest is kinda medium

Where is multiplayer option how play with friend where is custom room option game is best plz add the option

i love this game,this game has simple controls but it is fun

Nice concept play game for in user-friendly and casual game. hello developers and creator let’s make our discord group community so that more and more of us can notice it game and make me an admin too I’m work or action for being managed and organized, separately in the discord group community.

Very nice but I need multiplayer in this for more fun

I love this game. Please add more maps

This game is cool so far, I hope it becomes a popular game so I can say that I am an og. Anyways I love this game a lot and hope to see more from the devs, keep up the good work

Very nice game but wild pass is so expensive so please decrease the rate

Amazing, But no multiplayer option for play with friends

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