XCar Street Driving – Become a legend in Sunset City

[Game] XCar Street Driving

XCar Street DrivingBefore you is a huge open world. The dynamic and open world of XCar Street Driving will make you feel like a truly free street racer.

Become a legend in Sunset City. Realistic racing on autobahns and city streets. Buy your dream car with playful money. We would like to inform you that the game is not a clone of need for speed mobile or race master.

This game features modern special effects, musical editing. The game has its own unique story. Many mechanics and actions are branded, which is not found in other games of this style.

The game is considered an open world racing game. In addition to the career option in the open world racing type, there is also online racing, where you can meet your friends or other players from different countries. In the game there is an opportunity to

XCar Street Driving User Reviews :

If moro fuel stations available there the game can be moro better and the f1 car steering control need to improve like bmw And one more thing if there is a long runway to chek the top speed of car it can be more interesting

This is good game, but fix it with your texture and when you also add motionblur in framerate for 2GB Rams In wanna thanks for the developer and hopefully it will be noticed this

Best game i played Not only smooth gameplay also hd graphics realistic but if dev can add when the car hit it slow kinda the car or broke where it hit but still best reccomended for racers open world

I love this game but its little bit look like car x street, nevermind cause my device ot support for carx street, I respect to the owner of this game

there need to be more graphics tweaks to be added like the ability ti change the reflection quality, shadow quality , etc also add motion blur, bloom effect, vignette, tonamapping ,… etc add more graphics options in the settings and optimize the performance by the way the game is fun and great

This game is so real graphic but please the update sound settings

This game is made perfect, just need to sort out some bugs like the cars get outta control while driving on high speeds even with all assists on. Sometimes it feels like you just hit an invisible bump. And about the car selection screen, provide the option to rotate the camera around cars so we can see them from all sides

This game is good, but f1 car is not working vest of money fixed this glitch please

I just downloaded this game 5 minutes ago and it’s barely playable. The game is not optimized enough because the frame rates are really low and glitchy and I just got a brand new Samsung A14 which plays Apex legends mobile really well so it’s definitely not my phone

The game is so good but it has many ads but it’s like car X street I like it. I will rate it 5 stars if the ads problem solved.

The game is good and copy concept of carx street, but the only annoying part is ads when you are driving…

Hey! I found this game interesting, thanks for the game, I can now play like carx street game in my low end device, tho I just got one suggestion, please add Japan domestic cars/JDM, it will make a big change to the game, that’s what I suggest, the map is ok, the graphics is ok just add more cars specialy JDM cars and it will be a perfect open world game for low end devices, I hope you’ll notice my comment, AND AGAIN THANKYOU.

It’s very lagging and alot of ads.. it doesn’t have any customization options and there is barely any npc cars

This game is very fun.Great driving game but optimise for low end device also It is like CarX Street but that takes up too much space this is like that game lite version and

Best driving game in the world  I love this game when rain begins in the game the screen looks really wet like a illusion but the only problem is handling is not perfect sometimes when I try to drift it not work and the far view range is so blurry otherwise the map is so large and graphics are awesome feels like playing carxsteet but there are only 1 car so please fix the problem and add some more cars thankyou love from Delhi I hope you will see my review ( big fan of xcarstreet)

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