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[Game] Word Hike – Inventive Crossword

Word HikeAre you ready to take up the challenge from Work Hike?

In Word Hike we provide the classic crossword with a modern twist for a unique and fun experience. You will have the chance to travel to different parts of the world and get to know different cultures! Over 12000+ more puzzles are available, and you get amazing rewards for solving them


The vertical puzzles are strongly connected to the theme at each level.
12000+ more puzzles are available.
Get amazing rewards for beating each level.
Game is completely FREE to play.
Cute graphics and colorful design for a relax experience.
Refreshing music, providing an immersive gaming experience.

Wait no more! Let’s download and play this super duper fun wordle like puzzle to challenge your brain anytime, anywhere!

We would love to hear your feedback, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us via our customer service email: wordhike[at]joyvendorgames.com
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Word Hike user reviews :

Two Game Play Issues: One major deal breaker for me is the fact I can’t find an “ignore letters” toggle. I want to type in the answer, not get buzzed six times because I forgot I can only fill in missing letters. Second issue? Game will not work if stored on external storage. (Older phone, space/memory issues.) Game itself is straightforward and fun. Advertising is often those obnoxious 3+ screen ones, and if not for the above reasons, I likely buy the ad free version

Okay so I HATE crosswords ONLY because im not that great at doing them AND not to mention I get frustrated or mess it up and it gets messy etc. I’m on level 61, and I love this game! It’s starting to get pretty hard(for ME)but what I love about this game is for every one answer you get right, you get letters put in the other answers! So helpful! Not very giving in the rewards department but none the less very fun. I think that ALL would enjoy but especially if crosswords irritate you!! Try it!

I enjoy the game except for these 2 things that are frustrating enough to only give 1 star. Fix them and I’ll change my rating. 1) it’s *very* unnecessary to have a banner ad SO close to the keyboard that if you miss click it takes you to an ad 2) it’s also unnecessary to have an ad that you have to click the X THREE times and then have it take you to the play store anyway…and honestly, all of the excessive popups arent needed either…

The game is fun but way to many ads. after the ad is over it goes to the Google store then back to ad and there is finally an x and when you press it it’s back to the store. That is ridiculous will be uninstalling.

  • Thanks for your feedback and we are sorry if you find the ads troublesome. We understand your frustration, however, our game requires advertisements so that we can keep investing in our game to improve user experience. There is a service that is available for purchase in the shop which makes the game ads-free. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I misspoke on a previous review. I mixed this app with another in my mind. Bottom line, I love this app. The game is exactly what I wanted and I feel confident that it will help me keep my brain sharp so I can age gracefully! I apologize for my previous and wrong review. Highly recommend this app.

  • Hi Jennifer, thanks for your feedback. We are dedicating to provide you a better game service. If you meet with any difficulty while playing our game, feel free to contact us. Thanks for your support of our game.

Fix Bug The game itself is an okay game. However, when you come to a certain level in the game (like 170 or so forth), then apps starts popping out of no where. Which is so annoying, because while playing a game an ad would pop up out of no where. Like right in the middle of you forming a word. Then you have to start back over and sometimes you lose you free points or letters for watching a video. Other than that, this is a good game to play and kill some time as well.

  • Hi ,We are deeply sorry for the problem you have. If you encounter any system problem, please send us an email (wordhike@joyvendor.cn). We will do our best to fix this issue as soon as possible.

I don’t like that there is an ad after every game. Initially it hooked me because there wasn’t constant ads but that has now changed as I have progressed. I don’t like that some words are American in definition and not global. I don’t like the way the game helps you with additional letters in other words and let’s you keep partial words if they are correct but the overall response is not (though there may be some way to turn these options off, I’ve not looked). Really everything else is great.

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