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Download free Music Games for Android

Nora – Touch your heart with melodious piano tunes

Nora – Touch Your Feeling  free apps android   It’s an aesthetic music game. More than a pocket piano! Touch your heart with melodious piano tunes and relax your soul. Follow the development clue of the love story along with the beautiful melodies. Every beautiful tune …

Sweet Sins Superstars – Discover new musical worlds

Sweet Sins Superstars  gacha life   Sweet Sins Superstars is the ultimate anime-like musical game where you fight enemies to the rhythm of the music! Play a variety of musical genres: JPop, kpop, rock, electro swing, EDM, house and many more! Save Musicalia from the evil …

Happy Tiles – Decorate your own party tower

Happy Tiles – Music Party  gacha life   Welcome to Happy Tiles : Music Party! Decorate your own party tower with playing guitar and piano. You can play music easily just by tapping the tiles. Decorate your party tower with pretty and various themes. You can …

Tap Fever – Listen the magic beat and timing your tap

Tap Fever  gacha life   Heard About Endless Running EDM music Game? With TapFever: EDM Dance Rush !, you can play various types of music, from beautiful Piano, Guitar songs to Rock and EDM masterpieces. TapFever: EDM Dance Rush! will be your best EDM game to …

Tap Tap Beat – Who will be the best Unicorn rider

Tap Tap Beat  gacha life   Guide the Unicorn through the path! Listen carefully to the beat, and play to the music or you’ll fall off. Will you reach the end of the road?! And what about your friends, will they beat you? Who will be …

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