Kpopsies – Wait for the cutest little ponies to hatch

[Game] Kpopsies – Hatch Your Unicorn Idol

Kpopsies  A sparkling mix of kids’ favorite things: kawaii unicorns, virtual pet care, K-pop and, of course, tons of rainbows!

Hatch over 30 pony Kpopsies to form the cutest music band ever! Each little pony has a unique style, but all of them love to sing and dance.

New dancing mini game for kids! Repeat moves, learn new dance routines and become the best dancer!

Each Kpopsie unicorn comes from a surprise gachapon egg! Collect and unbox all gachapons and wait for the cutest little ponies to hatch from them. Adopt all unicorn idols!

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There are over 30 virtual pet unicorn to hatch, collect and take care of! Can you collect them all? Each little pony is super unique, cute and colorful! There are 3 different types of Kpopsie unicorn pets: tall graceful horses, tiny chubby ponies and their magic pegasus siblings! Merge your virtual unicorn pets and get new Kpopsies!

Your unicorn pets need a lot of energy to sing, dance and play mini games! Make sure you feed them yummy food, bathe them and take care of their gorgeous unicorn hair. Play with toys for kids!

Kpopsies are born to become super star pop idols! They sing, they dance, they play musical instruments – and they do it oh so well! Look how these unicorns move! Just k-pop-tastic! Turn on your rainbow lights and dance to the catchy pop beats with your pony friends!

Not only Kpopsies are the cutest virtual unicorns, but they are also pretty good at games! Play basketball and jumping mini games for kids, earn rewards and get kawaii gifts for your virtual pet ponies!

Play Kpopsies – a super fun and cute pet care game for kids from the creators of Smolsies and Fluvsies – and collect as many super star ponies as possible!

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Kpopsies user reviews :

I love this game cuz its so cute but my only problem is that it seems to keep glitching after playing it for only 15mins Sometimes it will be that I cant interact with one of them or that they are floating/walking on air and in the cloud hop game sometimes if I die and watch the ad shes not on the screen when I return to the game to keep playing  Please help and fix this cuz I really love this game!!!!
  • TutoTOONS
  • Hello! These glitches are often because of the device Try restarting/rebooting your device. Also, make sure you have enough free memory available. If the issue persists after trying these steps, email us at support[at]

This game is awsome i always play it and its my favorite app i have like 24 little unicorns and i still have 7 eggs to hatch i may cause one problem it is that the game is glitching alot but there is not so much adds but its ok if this game is glitching i don’t care thank you for making this game tuto toons i really loved it

I love this game so much, I play it every single day, the unicorns and so cute and the mini games are amazing the only problem I have is the time for hatching but, I will be patient and wait for it to hatch and thank you for making this amazing game Tutotoons
  • TutoTOONS
  • Hello, Mohammed! You are welcome! We are happy to hear you enjoy Kpopsies! While waiting for Kpopsies to hatch, you are welcome to try Smolsies and Fluvsies! These games are also about hatching and fun to play! All the best!
This is just like flufzies and smolzies I love it and it has unicorns in it to who does not love unikorns? I do but it takes forever to download and it has a lot of eggs and games for you to play! But you have to get a sertain egg to unlock that game i mean i have to wait 2 hours for this egg and this game i mean come on why can’t we play it when we get the game that is not good but I would say if you fix that I will love it a little more
  • TutoTOONS
  • Hi, Lori So far we have no plans to change the hatching time. While you wait you can check out our other apps, play minigames and do other activities!Also, if all egg hatched immediately, the game would be over vey soon, right? Have fun playing!

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