App Lock – Just one click to lock apps and secure your phone

[App] App Lock – Lock Apps, Fingerprint & Password Lock

App Lock  App Lock protects your privacy with pattern, fingerprint, password lock.

Just one click to lock apps and secure your phone!

With App Locker, You Can:

Lock all apps – Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Calls, Gmail, Snapchat, Play Store, etc. No more unauthorized access and guard your privacy!
Hide photos and videos – encrypt Gallery to make it a photo vault. Keep your private memories safe, no one can see them without password.
Use multiple lock types – both pattern and fingerprint are available. With invisible pattern draw path, no one can peep at your pattern.
Intruder selfie – take pictures of any intruders that enter an incorrect password.

Why Need App Locker?
No more worrying about others checking your social media apps, messages, calls, etc.
Keep your friends from snooping around when they borrow your phone.
Prevent kids from sending wrong messages, messing up system settings, and paying for games.
Never worry about people reading your private data.

More Features of App Locker

Lock new apps
Detect the installation of new apps and lock them in one click. Provide all-round protection.

Lock apps in real time
Lock without delay, no need to worry about the app content being displayed before the lock kicks in.

Customize the re-lock time
Activate the lock at a specific time, no need to enter password repeatedly before that.

Advanced protection
Hide App Lock from recent apps to prevent it from being found by others.

Reset password
Reset your password with security questions if you forget it.

Easy to operate
One click to enable/disable App Locker.

#About Permissions
Permissions may be required in order to provide you with a more convenient and stable service, and Applock won’t use these permissions to access any of your personal information.

Features Coming Soon
PIN lock with random keyboard
Intruder selfie, capture photos of intruders
Photo vault to encrypt and hide your photos & videos
Private browser, browse incognito without leaving any traces
Replace App Locker icon to confuse snoopers
Rich themes
Hide notifications preview

How to use the Fingerprint Lock?
You can enable Fingerprint Unlock in app settings if your device supports fingerprint recognition and is Android 6.0 or higher.

We’ll continue to improve our app. Any questions and suggestions are welcome.

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App lock
Are you looking for an App lock? Now, try our App lock, just click one time to block apps.

App lock fingerprint
Why not try the app lock fingerprint? The app lock fingerprint will bring you an excellent experience.

App lock pattern
We developed an efficient app lock pattern. What’s more, our app lock is totally free for users. You can create a complex app lock pattern for your apps.

App Locker
This is a small app locker. You can find out who’s trying to unlock your apps. Try it and use the app locker freely.

Lock apps
Want to lock apps? Looking for a good lock? Try the best app lock. You can lock apps you want.

Lock apps with password
The function that you can lock apps with password. The App Lock supports you to lock apps with password and camouflage application. You can easily keep your privacy.

WhatsApp lock
Want to protect WhatsApp? This is a convenient WhatsApp lock. Try the WhatsApp lock with your fingerprint.

Fingerprint lock
Would you like to use fingerprint lock? Download it and try our fingerprint lock.

App lock pro
Looking for an app lock pro? Want a lock app lock? This is a new app lock pro. You can lock application fast. Now share it with your friends.

App locker with password
Do you want an app locker with password? Please try the lock app lock. The lock app lock supports setting custom time. You can lock application what you like. Please download the app locker with password and enjoy yourself.

App Lock user reviews :

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now & it works well for the most part. Although when I have clicked a locked app to open it & test the app, it has allowed me to see the newsfeed for up to 5 seconds (yes, I counted) & even scroll through before the PW prompt pops up. I just bcupdated the app a few minutes ago. Now the PW prompt just pops up randomly. For example, on FB, I unlocked it to use it & scrolled my newsfeed, clicked a page I like and the password prompt suddenly came up.
  • InShot Inc.
  • Thank you for your honest feedback, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Our developers are tracking this issue and we will fix it as soon as possible to help you resolve it. Pay attention to the release of the new version. I apologize again. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us. Best regards!

By far the best app lock ive ever seen, clean and can customize the re-lock so i dont have to redo my password/pattern everytime i leave the app. Nice and easy to use, ads are there but not often, by far the most incredible app lock ive ever seen, this app is what i was looking for, great job!

Please add a feature that no other app gives: Its basically the reverse of a face recognition app. What i ask is that the app locks the phone instantly when it recognizes a face that is in the app’s blocklist. It would be useful to block a specific person from accessing my phone. Ex- Overly-stubborn kids often force you to tell the PIN. But with this feature, i can tell them that there’s nothing i can do about it. 5 STARS ASSURED THEN.
  • InShot Inc.
  • Hi, thanks for your advice. It’s a great suggestion for us, and we will do our best to make some improvements. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to contact us via “Settings – Feedback or suggestion”. Best regards!

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