Death Dungeon – A legendary Nephalem King

[Game] Death Dungeon – Demon Hunting RPG

Death Dungeon  The Great Demon who had disappeared during the war with the Demon Realm returned.

The Human Realm and the Nephalem are now on the brink of annihilation.

When all hope seems lost, one of the Nephalem miraculously survives.
It is the Barbarian Warrior, a legendary Nephalem King!

Enter the World of Death Dungeon!

A Diablo style hack and slash game!
The humans have suffered under the tyranny of the Demon Realm for too long. But now a change of power is near. The Barbarian Warrior, a legendary Nephalem King, is coming. He is able to decimate dozens of demons with a single swing. The demons that show up in the dungeons are nothing more than prey on the warriors path to the Great Demon. No matter how many monsters oppose him, he will continue to hunt them down and become even stronger.

Supported Languages
English, 한국어, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Français, Deutsch, Español, tiếng Việt, 日本語, русски (Some languages are partly supported)

Privacy Policy

Required Access Permissions
Photo, Media, File Access, Internet, Network State
Game Data Save : Settings, character progress, item information
Leaderboard and Achievement

Disabling Access Permissions
Android 6.0 and up: Settings > App > Select App > App Permissions > Toggle access on or off
Lower than Android 6.0: Upgrade the OS and disable the Access Permissions or completely delete the app

Vanguard Gaming Studio

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Death Dungeon user reviews :

Funny, lovely dungeon-slasher Action RPG! Vaguely reminding of Diablo. Autoplay is possible, but limited fun. Female character avatars & LGBTQ style are missing!!! “How about a thief class getting EXP by sneaking past enemies and plundering loot-boxes???” ;-) Noteworthy game, p2enjoy pricing is a bit steep.

I really like this game, but too much is locked behind the premium currency and it’s fairly hard to get them in game. If they would lower the price by like half of most items that require premium currency, I would give this a 5*.

The game is awesome and addictive but there are some issues in the game, like when you equip two “shoulder plates”, instead of having one shoulder plate on each shoulder, the two shoulder plates just mesh with each other in one shoulder. I also have some suggestions like when you start the game, you can choose which weapons the king barbarian can use, sorta like a class. Also I think you should redo the walk animation, I mean it’s already good but it just looks and feels awkward. Hope this helps

I am just a long date hack n slash fan boy and I am loving this. The TWO only things that keeps disturbing me : 1) New classes/heroes/specializations 2) A more complex passive skills/gems. Besides that, it’s a perfect hack n slash game. Gonna keep playing for a long time, that’s for sure. KEEP IT ON DATE DEVS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SO HARD TO FIND GOOD AND FAIR (not P2W) GAMES THESE DAYS

Pretty fun to play game plus it’s a great time killer but it needs a few things to make it easier on players, 1) add a way for players to know what Stat rolls/options there are for equipment for example I wasted so many relic materials on a single piece of gear because I had no idea if that piece of gear could only have 1 gem socket or 2/3 and generally we need to know which stats each piece has available for us. 2) a way for us to know the % of gold/exp on each floor difficulty

So one of the ads popped up with an offer of 600 rubies and wings for $1.49, so I decided why not i’ll bite. Ended up charging me $4.99. I have screen shots of the process and charge and would like to be contacted for refund since it was false advertising. Then i will fix rating since the game is fun

It’s a good game, great time killer but the only thing i noticed was the gems stats (crit, evade, inc exp, inc gold) is bugged when you put it in armor or pants(legs) please fix it

Very fun free game. Lots of loot. I mean..TONS of loot and upgrades

Great game. It could use better tooltips for things in town though

The Joystick should have a fixed option and the floor should not all covered with skull or somthing because its kinda confusing and how do i change class lastly id like to give some multi skill set per skill button so we can make awsome combo but just make it balance

Really good, the walls have a void in the coding that attacks npcs and crates. Hack and slash full effect. Classic design with interesting npc characters. Great job

Really easy gameplay and graphics nice

Great game.. had it for awhile with no complaints…AMAZING.(& the game also. Lmao)

Pretty good game like diablo just wish I could change classes

Dungeon Delving Galore! First of all, understand, this is a dungeon delving game. Period. However, for what it is, it’s actually quite well done. I hope they eventually add different classes but it’s still an awesome time killer as it is. Thanks devs. Very nice job.

OK…this is everything I love about an RPG game!Great and to-the-point storyline2)no stupid walkthrough’s because if you already play RPG you should know how to level up3)graphics4)lots of cool bosses5)action..plenty of it6)Leveling up like crazy!7)Keyboard and mouse support.There’s no better RPG on the entire playstore!Please make more games…

Latest Update :

Wake up, Barbarian!
The power of deep darkness is growing again.
Fixed reported bugs
Free Coupon : EVERGREEN

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