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[Game] E-Rank Soldier

E-Rank Soldier  Get a free gift! (Hero Summon x20)

Lead a mercenary group, carrying out various quests and fighting large-scale battles.
This physical engine-based game creates realistic battle experience.

Use battle commands and strategies wisely to win without losing your mercenaries and find powerful gear.
Each hero has a unique skill to break up enemy formations and subjugate monsters.

Field Battle: Enjoy up to 60-on-60 battles with other monsters groups or monsters!
Use a smart combination of battle commands and hero skills to beat them.

Skull Tower: Control a hero and conquer the Skull Tower one floor at a time.
It’s swarming with skeletons. Use Ambush to get rid of as many of them as you can at once!

Tournament: Join the Tournament held in the Capital and other cities. 16 players can compete against each other to get large sums of Gold.
Dungeon: Gold, Enchant, EXP, and Awakening dungeons are available. Clear them once, and you can auto-clear them to get rewards through Sweep.


Physical engine-based realistic battles
Various gear and mercenary types
Special hero skills
Intuitive battle style
Various content (Large-scale battle, the Skull Tower, the Hunt, the Tournament, etc.)
Optimal loading speed
Various events for the beginners

E-Rank Soldier user reviews :

Amazing game but could be improved with troop manage button being easier to use with showing what your army looks like in battle so you know how many troops you need to hire/dismiss also maybe add in archer into skull tower and make the captain be the one you control and the other one is ai teammate,so good game but can still be improved but I love the idea of this game

The games is good very fun to play although the map is small but still good and some other stuff in the game is very hard specifically the AI in the tournament who can auto kill you after missing the the 1st shot and the reaper in skull tower who is likely dodge all attacks that would hit other than that is good and gonna wait for more content in the future update

Love the art and so want to like the game but it just doesn’t seem well thought out, it’s all ove the place and at the same time lacks substance

So far its so refreshing! I really cant wait to see how the hero system and story evolves. Also I would love to see troop customization in the future. Pls Devs dont make this just another money grab and ruin it!

I like this game but a can you add a button that auto buys the best soldier in tavern cause its really hard to pick a soldier from tavern and can replace your worst soldier

Simple game. And so much fun. Worthy of being NFT. Like the battles are simple yet hard.

Very Good Game! It’s Give alot of Rewards too. I just hope in the future that more Maps/Land would be Available and the Auto Headshot of NPC’s in Tournament in Annoying they just don’t miss to shots. The Reapers is also a Bunch of BS but I get it, other than that a few Hot fix especially on Defence Mission in Villiages, those are especially Annoying that you AI have a hard time Sallying out gets stuck on Spikes but other than that, Good stuff!

Awesome game that is really fun. The game mechanics are amazing and the fighting simulation is alot of strategic thinking. I really love this game.

Interesting and adorable. Fun and diverse in different ways you can play. Go see for yer self.

Easily one of the most well made RPG games I have played in recent memory. It can be a bit difficult to understand progression, but is overall a fun experience, and worth the small price to install.

Great classic simple tactic role playing advanture game, each person in army have their own level, also can die in battle but still cheap and easy to recruit, very nice. Friendly for f2p also.

Reaper dodges IS WAY to overpowered Dodges Your atack averytime when u try to block early the reapergoes behind u If the reaper misses It will shoot a laser and also it has a shield and also this game need a lot of balancing while the time ut level 15 or something u have to beat a skeleton king that is level 25 or something like that this is not just the skeleton king but the devil king also Needs more balancing and graphics my style overall just needs balancing I recommend this game

Great game! The physics are amazing and really help you feel engaged in battle. Keep up the good work

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