Guidus – You are the last warrior

[Game] Guidus – Pixel Roguelike RPG

Guidus  The great adventure to reclaim the royal palace, Pixel roguelike game, Guidus.

The monsters of the abyss sealed under the royal palace have waken up after all. Although the tiwn prince and princess had uphill battles with last warriors of the royal palace, the twins ended up being defeated and exiled to the dungeon.

You are the last warrior who awakend up in depths of the dungeon. Leave for an adventure to reclaim the royal palace and rescue the true heir to the realm with your companions.

Various Heroes
Enjoy continuously added new characters including swordsmen, archers, wizards, sylphs, and monks who are sleeping in a campfire. Collect heroes with various appearances and playing styles!

Distinct Skills and Super Power
Every hero has its own unique, powerful skills including Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, Nova, etc. Use the skills to defeat enemies and escape the dungeon.

Disverse Bosses and Monsters
Prepare for battles with various-patterned monsters and powerful bosses who stand in your adventure.

Traps and Treasures
Find hidden treasures, overcome dangerous traps and break through the dungeon. Sometimes traps help you.

Mobile Action Rogue-like RPG
Experience Rogue-like gameplay and growth factors in role-playing. Keep growing and challenging yourself. Combined together, Your skills and heroes will grow and make you stronger.

Adorable and Sophisticated Pixel graphics
Enjoy great pixel graphics showing with dots. Various characters, monsters, regions, and bosses allow you to enjoy the game.

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Guidus user reviews :

Awesome game. Tons of fun. 3 stars though because it gets to a point after the 2nd boss in every run where it just lags too much and i can’t move, but the enemies can so i take a ton of damage without being able to do anything about it. Because of that i will need to uninstall to make room for games a can play

It’s great. I can barely get comfortable in control pad, it doesn’t form in cross formation like the standard model so I often misclick and fall. We can get premium contents via view ad which is generous and I like it. No invasive ads, just optional. I wish we can have an option for cross control pad somehow.

Quality. If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial then your average play store fare, but still easy to play on the go, I can’t reccomend it enough. Gameplay is simple, and gradually evolves; as you’d expect out of a roguelite, those mages with slow moving shots are a lot more of a menace in later floors when there are tankier enemies and floor traps to corner you while they deny you space. I will say it’s not your standard PC roguelite fare; you’re not going to get super crazy runs like certain other entries in the genre, but for the platform and the control scheme they’ve packed in some pretty neat stuff into the items, and you certainly find yourself wishing for a certain combination of items. And to get to it; ads are very non intrusive, you opt into all of them. Honestly the rewards for watching them are pretty beefy too, but you can easily go without if you’re allergic. Overall a solid roguelite that sacrifices a bit of depth for a lot of playability within the constraints of the platform.

Absolutely the most charming rouge like in the Play Store, Period. I’ve only just finished the final room in the main dungeon, And I have to say the gameplay and the visuals are beyond addicting. All I’d ask for is a better way of leveling characters, Because it can be a huge grind and really deter your enjoyment of a character. Some level 5 skills are incredibly QoL, and should really be easier to get. Other than that? The game is really fast paced, skill intensive and challenging.

Feedback: Controls are cumbersome. Either swipe which is slow or tap and accidently hit the menu bar. No need for the menu bar to be a bar and not a drop down button. Why would I want to see items or achievements during a fight? Ads never work for Reviving at a candle and there is no option to go back. No need for a countdown when you are dead, I tried watching an ad but no ads could be loaded so I ended up dying. Needs more documentation, I’ve completed the story but no idea what the abyss is?

My main issue with this game is the utter lack of saving when you are mid-run. If I need to click out of the app for any reason, the game resets my run, and I have start all over again. If I need to close my phone because I am busy, it does the same thing. Not all of us have the ability to complete an entire session in one go, so it would be VERY nice to have a saving fail safe. Other than that one admittedly prominent issue, there is a small error with the description of the Ghost Sword.

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