Heroes of War – Earn your medals of honor

[Game] Heroes of War – WW2 Idle RPG

Heroes of War  Numerous heavy war machinery and legendary heroes of WW2 are at your disposal in this epic RPG strategy game – from the most influential combat vehicles to devastating carpet bombing and sophisticated chemical warfare.

Build powerful card decks at your choice made up of various types of war equipment from the whole world, be it Japanese Shin Gunto swords or Soviet Katyushas or American M4 Shermans.

Total freedom of operation and variation in strategy is waiting for you.
Earn your medals of honor and climb up the Leaderboard!


A wide range of military equipment: 150+ types of tanks, artillery and infantry from all over the world.
Real-life copies of WW2 military equipment reproduced in detail with characteristic shapes and authentic painting.
Diverse gameplay: artillery support, assault squads, bombardment, chemical attacks and much more.
Lead a huge campaign for liberation of all European countries from the occupation.
Build and upgrade your military base that will generate all resources needed for your epic win while you are AFK.
Unlock new powerful heroes and construct strong card decks to defeat your opponents in the legendary battles of the WW2 machinery.
Awesome HD graphics.
Real-time PVP.

Lead your army to historic triumph!

Heroes of War user reviews :

Playing 6 months now and the game is still keeping my interest. The Devs are still providing new content (albeit slowly) and advanced progress is possible for F2P players. The artwork is excellent and I recommend this game to any WW2 officianado.

During the Navy Operation, if you lost your internet connection, the game will assume that ALL your previously on field units are DEAD. This problem has been happening since Day 1 and they never even bother to fix it.

This is my first review of a game, mostly bc most games I’ve played aren’t good enough in my opinion for a review, but this game is the best mobile game I’ve ever played, the only thing I’d like is maybe adding france or even japan, and just adding more troops/vehicles, other than that best most addictive game I’ve ever played

Ongoing server issues. Now unplayable due to perminant server issues.

Best wargame ever.!! 2021 had me hooked from the get go..the only downer I have to say is the campaign loads are pretty slow, it kinda ruins the gameplay flow.. but its well worth the wait,,

Great gameplay! A game you can definitely play for hours without having to spend any money on.

Good little game, but constant sever problems meaning you can’t play. No news from developers.

what the hell with update i cant finish navy operations for 4th days????units are so strong now i can recruit gold quality units but after one fight are a down … thats a total broken npc units are lower lvl but are so strong i cant reach in navy 3rd round last heal and final fight i take a 2-3 tanks extra and also units and no way to hold hp for end….total bad now unplayable event…kill my team + reserve totally in 1-2 figts only .thats no way paper units vs npc iron units dosnt matter lvl

Awesome, fun game. Bit repetitive, still interesting enough to play for long periods.

Such a nice game, but after the update i get a server error message and can not play it at all. Very dissapointed!!

I keep getting errors connecting to server. I can no longer play the game. Before that game was running smoothly

its amazing but I’d like it to be that when a tank is destroyed its more realistic

its a nice game ill give it 5 star but suddenly to many adds puff up so it cause me time to wait so dissapointed

Could have been a great game, but as usual in mobile gaming, dev greed crippled it’s potential. First few days you get decent units from draws (recommended to save for 10x, not single draws) but then suddenly the drop rate plummets to lower rank units. So upgrading your units becomes a matter of grinding BUT then the ads kick in, almost after every battle, usually lasting longer then the actual battle did. You can pay to stop ads but by then all interest is lost since there is no alliance part.

I have been on a world War 2 kick, as of lately not many good world War 2 games out. Besides warpath this game offering a different style of gaming one of the best idle games I have played. The huge scope of different units and the ability to train, merge, and equip those units makes this game awesome. Along side the base building part and the different modes makes it a game worth trying, always something to be done good for ftp players and big spenders anyone can have fun with this game.

One of the best card based combat games I’ve seen yet, especially for WWII era. the only thing I’d like to see is PvP seeing how I have to be online to play anyway. fingers crossed

Latest Update :

We introduced Commanders to the game!
Adjusted the balance of some Heroes and their abilities
Updated Navy Operations
Added 250 new quests Behind Enemy Lines
Added 370 new Airborne Missions

Check in and collect the most powerful combination of Commanders!

Contact developer :


Video :

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